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Fern Britton, Phillip Schofield, Richard & Judy, Lorraine Kelly, Eamonn Holmes, Ruth Langsford, John Barrowman, Dr Christian Jessen are just some of the high profile TV presenters we have worked with.


We have developed and trained a variety of reporters and experts, including showbiz reporter Alison Hammond, soap reviewer Sharon Marshall, money saving expert Martin Lewis and very many more.


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  • cook expert

    How to Develop a Profile as a TV Expert or Presenter with a Passion

    Get a hefty £20 discount on our seminar coming up on March 17th in London with two top TV producers: HOW TO PITCH YOURSELF AS A TV EXPERT   Do you think you could be a TV expert? Are you a potential TV presenter with a particular interest or speciality? Would you like some help […]

  • Dolly Parton with Miceal

    Want to be a TV Presenter? Try Shopping Around for a TV Job…

    If you dream of presenting on TV then you probably imagine Philip Schofield’s job or presiding over a prime time entertainment show, maybe presenting a hard-hitting factual series? Chances are you are not holding out for the job of presenting on a shopping channel. However such a presenting job  is more challenging than any high profile TV show. Presenter […]

    in Presenting on Television, Your TV Stories on February 6, 2012 Comments 4
  • Jon Roseman

    The Real Life of a Showbiz Agent – Can You Take the Truth?

    If you want to get work on screen in TV as a presenter, host or TV expert then you are no doubt wishing you could find a good agent. Today’s post is written by TV agent, Jon Roseman, who has represented the likes of Kate Garraway, Natasha Kaplinsky and Fern Britton. Getting an agent is […]

    in Presenting on Television on January 19, 2012 Comments 4
  • Cai Morgan

    How a 15 Year Old Made His Way into a TV Presenting Job.

    Presenting on TV is a goal for many people and it can be a very  hard road to travel as talented and experienced presenter Greg Scott has explained more than once on this site. There are many routes into TV presenting and some people work at it for years before getting their foot in the door. There are […]

    in Presenting on Television, Your TV Stories on January 17, 2012 Comments 2
  • Trish Bertram


    Trish Bertram is one of THE best “voices” in the TV business. She is also a good friend and you are about to get the privilege of hearing her words of wisdom on the subject of being a continuity announcer. Trish knows her side of the business inside and out so if you’ve ever wondered […]

    in Presenting on Television, TV Roles on January 6, 2012 Comments 4
  • Nino Firetto - 80's style!

    What Happens When You Fall Out of Favour in TV?

    The world of television is fickle, insecure and exciting. If you think it’s hard getting into television production then spare a thought for those trying to get a job presenting on camera. Getting to be a TV presenter is one thing, staying in that line of work is quite another. One day you’re hot, then next day […]

    in Presenting on Television on December 19, 2011 Comments 2
  • Russell Grant, Mr TwinkleToes!

    What Makes Russell Grant a Great TV Personality?

      The nation’s darling, astrologer Russell Grant, finally leaves BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. Actually that should read astrologer and entertainer, Russell Grant because he is as much the latter as the former.  I have known Russell for many years, working together on the likes of ITV’s ‘This Morning’, and as far as I am concerned […]

    in Presenting on Television, Spotlight on Talent, Topical comment on November 21, 2011 Comments 0
  • John Scott, TV Stylist

    The Ups & Downs of a TV Fashion Expert

     From major Hollywood films to low-budget daytime television, stylist John Scott has done it all and lives to tell the tale. Many tales in fact! John has downed cocktails with Jackie Collins, spruced up Piece Brosnan, sparred with Eamonn Homes and cuddled Ewan McGregor but what he loves most is helping ordinary men and women […]

  • How Carys Became a TV Presenter & Voiceover Artist

    So you want to be a television presenter and you’re wondering how to go about it. Well everyone has a different path to their goal in television, some smoother than others (check out Diary of a Thwarted TV Host elsewhere on this site) but hearing how others did it is always useful. Carys Dayne is […]

  • Diary of a Thwarted TV Host – To Dream the Impossible Dream

    He’s back! The Thwarted TV Host with stories to tell you about the real world of television presenting. He’s doesn’t mince his words (well he does but not when it comes to telling the unvarnished truth!); he holds nothing back. Are you ready for an overdue update from The Diary of a Thwarted TV Host? Then here […]

    in Presenting on Television, Your TV Stories on October 8, 2011 Comments 0
  • anjula -publicity shots 028

    TV Expert tells of her ‘Naked Secret’.

    The lovely Anjula Mutanda is a TV psychologist and a great example of how having an expertise can lead to an on-screen role as a TV expert. We worked together on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ where she was our regular psychologist presenting a variety of features, strands and phone-ins on self-help, helping viewers to solve personal […]

    in Presenting on Television, Your TV Stories on October 3, 2011 Comments 6
  • Greg Scott

    Diary of a Thwarted TV Host

    This is the ultimate but very alternative guide to finding work as a television presenter or host. Introductions first: Greg Scott is a television presenter – and a good one. He first graced this site with a heart-felt rant on the subject of television presenting – and the difficulties in getting an on-screen job. There are so […]

    in Presenting on Television, Spotlight on Talent, Your TV Stories on September 12, 2011 Comments 4
  • Sian new image

    So You Want to Be a Weather Presenter? TV’s Sian Lloyd tells all….

    Sian has recently launched her very own weather web site – one of the cleanest, brightest and simplest sites for finding out what the weather is doing in your area.  You can find it here:  Take a look. Sian agreed to talk to us about how she got into television. Sian’s Story: “Like most things […]

    in Presenting on Television, Spotlight on Talent on July 6, 2011 Comments 3
  • How To Find An Agent: Part 3 Useful Links

    So where to start in contacting an agent?  There is a list below to get you started. As always – do your homework!  Check out the web site, see what kind of people they represent. Try and find one that you think may suit your skills and talents.  This is just a selection of agencies […]

    in Presenting on Television on July 5, 2011 Comments 0
  • How to find an Agent: Part Two

     Finding an agent is not easy but listening to what agents have to say can only help. The previous article on this subject gave an overview of how to go about it and introduced someone working in a major global agency. Now we meet an agent who runs his own smaller but more personal company […]

    in Presenting on Television on July 1, 2011 Comments 0
  • How to find an Agent: Part One

    So you want to be on the television and the big question is:   How do I get an agent?   Probably with as much difficulty as you will have getting on the telly. Agents want clients who have the potential to make them money. No point being in the business otherwise! They will be […]

    in Presenting on Television on June 24, 2011 Comments 0
  • I’m an Expert – Get Me on TV! Part 2: A case study.

    An expert wants to get on television. So how should she/he do it? We’ve featured general advice on getting onto TV in previous articles but now we take one interesting expert and apply advice to her particular situation. The Case study: Lorraine Holloway-White Lorraine is a ‘sceptical medium’ which she explains as “a natural born medium who is not […]

    in Presenting on Television on June 14, 2011 Comments 13
  • Sam Mann

    So You Want to be a Showbiz Presenter?

    So you want to be a television presenter and jet around the world interviewing A-list celebrities, being invited to the nations’ biggest music and showbiz events, and appearing regularly on the screen?  Then you want to be Sam Mann – presenter, journalist, showbiz expert and all-round glamorous broadcast personality! Sam Mann has appeared regularly on […]

  • gordon_ramsay

    I’m an Expert – Get Me on the Television!

    So you may be a television presenter with a passion or someone with an area of expertise that you’d like share on television. You could be a TV ‘expert’ but how do you get yourself noticed?   The good news is that over the past few years it’s become easier for TV experts to get […]

    in Presenting on Television on May 27, 2011 Comments 4
  • Greg Scott pic

    What Makes A Good TV Presenter: The Backlash!

    So I ran off a short post on the qualities of a good television presenter and frankly it serves me right – how can you quantify a ‘good’ television presenter in a few paragraphs. It’s so much more complicated than that. So thank you to those who responded. They did it on another forum but I’d love […]

    in Presenting on Television on May 4, 2011 Comments 32
  • phillip scofield

    What Makes a Good Television Presenter?

    Whether you are, hoping to be or simply plan to be working with a television presenter it’s worth knowing what makes a good one.  If you are an aspiring producer you will one day be looking for a presenter for one of your shows. If you want to be on the screen you need to […]

    in Presenting on Television on May 3, 2011 Comments 21

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