Let’s talk video.

Everyone’s at it and you certainly should be if you are studying, loving, working in TV!  Making films for your own website, for YouTube or anywhere for that matter is a great way to practise your media-making skills and advertise them.

One of our gang, Ash Bhardwaj, has recently written about the role of YouTube in TV after taking copious notes from BBC COP Show Podcast discussion on the subject, as well as notes from a talk on the subject at the Media Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival (he’ll go far, that man!).

Business and charities are also waking up to the need for good short video or films on their websites and YouTube channels. There are great opportunities now for young film-makers to make their mark and contribute to a big wide world of online video.

Some of you are joining forces and creating production companies that aim to sell their creative skills to those that need them. Thumbs up to Chris Chung and the gang at Silver Koi, for example.

Anyway, the point of all this is to announce a new short film/video competition of which – drum roll! – I am one of the judges!  It’s not my first time as judge. I was once asked to judge a male beauty competition – a job I accepted with aclarity. The round involving creative swimwear/posing pouches and the like was a relevelation…

Sorry, I digress….


The competition is to make a short film for a young eating disorders charity called The Succeed Foundation.  The winner gets £100 in Amazon tokens which won’t make you rich but will contribute to your reading collection or a new set of camera lenses!  More importantly you get to use your creative skills in a good cause. The winning films and the runners up will be featured on the Succeed Foundation’s website and mine and who knows where else. If it’s that good maybe we can make it go viral.  The US version of this campaign run by Tri Delta included a viral that was posted on YouTube and became one of the most viewed videos of the week in Education Category; viewed by over 200,000 people!

I just know you can do better than that.

The campaign is called Fat Talk Free Week and revolves around the sort of talk we all indulge in about our size and weight – you know the sort of thing, “does my bum look big in this?” “he’d look OK if he were a size slimmer” “she should SO not be wearing that swimsuit!”.

So how about it? Don’t let me down now – get those cameras out, spark up those creative minds and do your thing!

My fellow judges include top-rated TV director, Jonathan Glazier, now Creative Director of  Entertainment Master Class Consulting Services. Who wouldn’t want their film critique by someone with his background?!

All the details on how to enter are here on The Succeed Foundation web site. The video should be no longer than 2 minutes long, reflect the message of the campaign and, of course, be a good watch – entertaining or compelling.

The closing date is NOVEMBER 11th 2012.






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