Why you need Confidence to Work in TV (part 2)

It was ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent that inspired the first discussion of why confidence is so important for those wanting to work – or already working – in TV. The current X-Factor series prompts part two with a lesson in building confidence from an expert – inspirational speaker, executive coach and author, Nicci Roscoe.

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Nicci Roscoe


Nicci works with individuals and teams on a personal and professional level, helping them (and through them, their business) to bring positive change – often through confidence building techniques. She studied with celebrity hypnotherapist Paul McKenna and the founder of NLP (neurolinguistic programming) Richard Bandler and is a Master NLP Practitioner, so she knows what she’s talking about. Nicci has also written about her own incredible personal story of surviving a brain tumour along with practical tips to increase your confidence in her book Fabulous Impact, Step into the New You and Rewrite your Own Script.


So how does X-Factor fit in? Well just like Jonathan Antoine in BGT, Nicci spotted the lack of confidence in X-Factor contestant Paul Akister. Paul has a fantastic voice but his stage presence suffered from his own lack of confidence. Is this why he didn’t make it all the way to the live shows? Here is Nicci’s advice to anyone who needs that extra dose of confidence to make their mark in the competitive world of TV:


How a lack of confidence can hold you back

How confident are you of your own talent?  On a scale of 1-10 – one being the lowest – where are you on that scale? If you are under 9 it may be time to consider what is holding you back from moving forward.

Confidence begins with belief in yourself, knowing you can do it and how good you are. When you believe in yourself your audience can see it and feel it because it comes from the inside out.

Think about the last time you felt fabulously confident when you performed on stage, presented on television to camera or simply walked into a party feeling absolutely fabulous.

When I watched the X Factor Contestants step out on stage for the first time I can see some of them are nervous and lacking confidence.  The way they walk on with their head slightly down in embarrassment, their negative facial expressions and closed body language and how they look and speak to the judges.

I want to step into the screen with Dermot O’Leary and tell the contestants ‘you know you can do it – take a deep breath and stand tall. Put a smile on your face! Remember how amazing you were when you were practicing. Imagine being in that moment. Hear yourself, see how well you can perform and feel how confident and good you feel. Now go out there and give the best performance of your life for you’.

Pub singer Paul Akister age 24 came onto the stage in the early stage of  X Factor in front of a live audience, judges and television cameras.  He was quiet, calm and quite shy. When he started to sing he blew everyone away and the judges loved him but despite trying to work on his stage presence that crucial sense of confidence was missing.


What is holding you back from realising your dreams?

Maybe there is a job you have always wished you could do but keep telling yourself ‘I am not good enough’ or ‘ they won’t like me’ or ‘other people are better than me’. 

Perhaps this is the first time you are in front of the cameras but you have performed brilliantly in a fringe theatre, sung at the local pub or given a speech at your best friends wedding.

People I work with remember times they feel confident and have achieved something that makes them feel so good about themselves. Times such as winning an award, saving a goal for their local football team or looking stunning in address that everyone commented on and made you feel so good about yourself.

One of my clients had always dreamed of learning to speak Italian and spend time in Italy teaching children.  She was a very successful executive director in a international organisation but this wasn’t what she always wanted to do.

When I asked her what was stopping her she told me she was afraid of failure and wouldn’t be good at learning the language which would ruin her chances of becoming a teacher and going to Italy.  Because she didn’t believe she could do it she didn’t book onto a course and kept putting it off.


What are you afraid of?

It is up to you to choose to change and make positive choices for your dreams come true.

My client realised she needed make that change and take action. She has since taken a teacher training course and is now on her third more advanced course in Italy taking steps towards her dreams. She left the organisation she was working for and is now freelancing as a consultant whilst making her dreams come true. Sometimes we need to take that leap of faith by believing we can do it.

We all have the potential to make it happen if we really want it.  By having a positive attitude and letting your self-belief guide you can give you the happy and successful results you want.


What are you waiting for?

I have always loved the film Pretty Woman and a particular scene that shows how a positive attitude and confidence makes a huge difference.

pretty womanIn Pretty Woman, Edward (Richard Gere) sends Vivian (Julia Roberts) out on a shopping trip to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, LA. When the sales assistants see her enter the shop in her cheap looking clothes, they immediately frown upon her to the point of being rude. Having heard of her ordeal, Edward takes her shopping himself, this time in another boutique where the shop manager makes sure he gives them both his full attention. I laugh when Vivian – now dressed in designer clothes and looking elegant and wonderful – returns to the original boutique and is surrounded by assistants. They have forgotten the woman who came into their shop in shabby clothes. She reminds them that they had refused her business and also takes pleasure in reminding them that they are on commission: “Big Mistake,” she says. “Huge,” and then she walks out of the shop. A truly brilliant scene – Julia Roberts having a fabulously positive attitude with a twist! I love it!

People I work with remember times they feel confident and have achieved something that makes them feel so good about themselves. Times such as winning an award, saving a goal for their local football team or looking stunning in a dress that everyone commented on and made you feel so good about yourself.

By remembering the times that gave you the confidence and self-belief to feel good this can help give you the boost you need to give a brilliant performance and feel really fabulous about yourself.


What are you waiting for? Get up, Get out and Get going.  Make it happen and see your potential for a fabulous future.

Take a look from this clip from Pretty Woman. It always puts a huge smile on my face. Hopefully it will do the same for you too! WomanTTXvA


FAb Impact book cover  Thank you, Nicci. You can find out all about Nicci and her work on her website

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