Why Annie didn’t let the bullies put her off her dream of a TV career…

It can be a hard slog developing a career in front of the camera as a TV presenter or expert and there is one person you ABSOLUTELY need on your side if you are to succeed – yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself you can hardly expect anyone else to.  There are always obstacles to to overcome in life and certainly in a television career. Today’s blogging guest is a confidence coach who learnt the hard way how to ignore the naysayers and bullies to forge her own path.


annie-ashdown-editOver to Annie:

My name is Annie Ashdown and for the past 10 years I have worked as an Intuitive coach and Master hypnotherapist.

I offer ground – breaking techniques that have helped many raise their confidence and self- esteem.  My clients include household names in the corporate and celebrity world.

I am driven by my passion to enlighten, empower, entertain, educate, motivate and inspire others.



Because I suffered from low confidence, lack of self-belief and low self-esteem.

Before embarking upon my writing career I co-hosted 13 episodes for ITV1 with Jeremy Kyle and was Resident Coach on Bump and Grind –Sky 1. Today I am a regular guest expert on TV and BBC Radio. I have contributed or been featured in Red, Esquire, Marie Claire, Psychologies’, Zest, Health & Fitness, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Daily Telegraph amongst others and a blogger on The Huffington Post.

I was told I would NEVER get on a prime TV show as a relatively unknown coach and certainly it would NEVER happen without a published book and I would NEVER get a book deal without appearing on TV.

I replied…. ‘Thank you for sharing your beliefs, but they ain’t mine’!


At age 8 my mother secured me an agent and I appeared in several commercials and catalogues. My legs were insured for a vast amount and consequently I was severely bullied at school.

My passion was to be a presenter and in my late 20’s I was short listed from 80 girls down to the last two for a prime time TV series. My agent discussed contracts and fees, then at the 11th hour the host choose the other girl.

I was devastated and my confidence was eroded even more. From that moment on I formed a limiting belief I would always be the runner up and never ‘the star’.  With that belief firmly engrained in my mind I set out subconsciously to gather evidence and sure enough I was constantly short listed down to the last two. What we focus on we attract!

Although my journey has been challenging, it prompted my decision to help others. At times it has been dark; at other times joyous. It was harder rather than easier most days, as my road was fraught with pain and darkness from an early age. However, somehow a little spark of light kept guiding me to keep trying, and during that time I was wise and I was foolish.


Many times I wanted to quit and felt utterly disillusioned, but somehow I found the strength to keep going with faith, hope and the belief that everything happens for a reason.

I suffered with a chronic eating disorder and constant depression.  I was always moaning, ‘comparing and despairing’. I thought everyone else was smarter, thinner, sexier, younger, taller, curvier. My inner critic drove me crazy. I exhausted myself by rehearsing to be someone else.

Today, I feel comfortable being myself and rejoice in how liberating it feels to be authentic.


I am aware there are societal reasons, experimental beliefs, and biological predispositions and individual experiences to be taken into account when looking at the way we behave and that I can’t walk everyone’s talk, but I can certainly walk my own.


So how can you raise your self-confidence and your chances of succeeding in your chosen career?  Annie will be posting her top tips on this site in part two coming up soon.

Learn more about Annie on her website at

Annie is also author of the book “The Confidence Factor”

You can now read part two of Annie post with excellent top tips for making an impact at interviews and auditions by clicking HERE.



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