WANTED: Your patience!

This is a special message for all you lovely blog readers but especially my founder members – those inspired, talented people who have seen fit to subscribe to regular email updates! Of course there is always room for more inspired, talented subscribers – hence the need for this particular message.

We are moving all email subscriptions to email managing company Aweber.  Those who know far more than me suggest this will help manage all my blog subscriptions in an efficient manner, plus future newsletters and giveaway (yes GIVEAWAYS – bet you can’t wait for that!).

However this does mean yet another email asking existing subscribers to confirm their subscription. I can only apologise, especially to those who have been through at least two different subscription lists already! If you have already subscribed you do NOT need to do so again. Your details will be imported to Aweber who will then contact you to confirm that subscription. But you DO need to read that email and click on the link. And you MAY have to check your junk folder in case it goes there!

We are continuing to use Feedburner for RSS feeds but if all goes according to plan all email subscriptions will end up with Aweber. The privacy of all those subscribing this way is guaranteed and no-one’s details will be marketed out to those nasty marketing companies who bombard you with spam.

Clear as mud? Well anyway, your patience is much appreciated as we climb this steep learning curve towards a full-fledged grown-up web site. It is far too much fun to hand over to someone who actually knows what they are doing!

Any problems with all of this, get in touch. Any comment or feedback is always much appreciated. You know where to send it!

(Oh – and if you haven’t signed up already, what are you waiting for? You can do so with the brand new form – right over there on your right!)


Shu Richmond



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