Want to get your Idea on TV?


It’s Friday. You are not in the mood for reams of text about the trials of working in TV. You want something informative but entertaining – nothing too long; nothing too heavy. And this is a site about television so we need more video, right? How many of us have an idea we think is perfect for a TV show? Most of us, I’m sure. But what is the reality of getting that idea to the screen?

I could write reams about that but today we’ll let someone else tell the story – in video. You must have heard of Charlie Booker; probably even seen this clip. It tells the story concisely and accurately. I couldn’t say it any better. Watch, listen and learn. This is how the process works:



By the way, anyone got a video that is short, informative and/or entertaining relating to the world of television production? Would love to have more video on this site so if you have anything to offer that think may suit, do let me know.



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