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You can also buy my ebook AN EXPERT’S GUIDE TO GETTING INTO TV via Amazon which provides specific and detailed advice on study, work experience, CVs, interviews and runner jobs.


What should I study to work in TV

How do I get work experience or an entry-level job?

Tell me about CVs, interviews and selling myself.

Where can I find a list of production companies and job sites?

How can I build on my TV skills?

I’m already working in TV but interested in learning more.

I’d like to know about the different roles available in TV.

I am, or want to be, a TV presenter or TV expert.

I’d like to hear how other people have managed to get jobs in TV.

I’m in PR – how can I get products or services onto the television?

I’m more interested in the technical side of TV – crew, post production, etc.

What about the Press Department and Photography in TV? 

Tell me about you, Shu, I’d LOVE to hear your life story! (Well, if you insist…)

You haven’t covered the subject I really want to know about. 


And finally….


Q:  How come you’re giving all this information away free?


A: ‘Cos I’m generous like that! 

However we are also offering more personalised services like CV rewrites and proposal writing which do cost. You get details here: Professional Services! 

You can also buy my ebook An Expert’s Guide to Getting into TV which focuses specifically on getting the first job in TV.


We are always keen to hear from others about their TV stories, or ideas on how to develop skills, advice from the more experienced or even simply pleas for help. If you’d like to offer an article or blog post to the site, please contact me.

This site is constantly under review so please do let me know if you have any suggestions on making this more accessible and easier to navigate. 



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