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If you have an expertise of any kind there is always a good chance there is a TV programme in need of that expertise.  A good TV expert simply needs to be able to explain their subject area in ways the average, non-academic audience can understand.  Professor Brian Cox is a good example of someone who take a complicated topic and help producers make it engaging and entertaining.

Nigel Hetherington

Nigel Hetherington

If your expertise is in the arena of archeology, science or adventures of some kind then you may find PastPreservers worth checking out.  One of the co-founders, Nigel Hetherington, explains what it is all about:


What is

Past Preservers is a media consultancy company. Our goal is to serve as the bridge between the media and heritage world. Our website is an online resource for our experts and our media clients.


How did it come about and what inspired you to set it up?

Whilst working as an archaeologist in the Valley of the Kings, myself and co-founder Kelly Krause came up with the idea for Past Preservers. This was inspired by contact with several media companies filming in Luxor, they sought out our guidance for storylines, who to interview and suitable locations etc. After providing the answers to these questions on numerous occasions we realised there was potential for a business model. Without wanting to criticise the productions that were being made then in Egypt, we felt as archaeologists, that we could only help improve the stories they were trying to tell. After returning to England we began to put together the building blocks of the company.


Tell us a bit about your personal background and what led you to TV.

I grew up in the north of England in the Lake District. With a natural flair for numbers, I sort of sleep-walked into the world of accountancy which led to 15 years in the financial sector in London. In 2000, after a series of life changing events, I rethought my goals and decided to return to full time education and study archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology at University College of London (UCL). I decided to focus on Egypt after travelling there a couple of times and being amazed by the culture and history. I then spent a wonderful 6 years of learning and studying at UCL, where I completed a B.A. in Egyptian Archaeology and an M.A. in Cultural Heritage Studies. I never thought this new career path would lead to the world of media as I described earlier.


What sort of programmes do you supply experts to?

We focus on factual documentaries and reality TV shows for major networks, such as the BBC, History Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Al-Jazeera International, ABC, and Channel 4.


What are the ideal qualities of the sort of expert you generally work with?

Having passion for your subject with the ability to energetically share your knowledge in an engaging way to the public is the key for any expert.


Does an expert need prior TV experience to join your database?

No! We are always looking for the next generation of experts who can communicate their subjects effectively. We have no age minimum or limit. We look for people from all walks of life who share the same passion about the past as we do!


What advice would you give anyone with an expertise looking to gain TV work?

They should think whether it is right for them, It’s a highly competitive world and unlikely to be more than a part time interest. If they want to make their mark, they will need to have a professional approach to it. Invest time, put together a portfolio and of course join us!


Any particular types of experts or presenters you are currently looking for?

We are looking to expand our expert database into the worlds of science, forensic specialists, explorers and adventurers.


For more details and to check out the jobs they currently have on offer go to



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