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As promised, following our highly successful TV Presenters evening – The Agent, The Producer & The Commissioner – some Top Tips for those who couldn’t make it. Yes we are planning more so watch this space for details.


  1. Get yourself a point of difference – a USP (unique selling point). Read Chris Cohen’s article on the website to get an idea of how he did:
  2. Learn how to sell yourself – don’t wait for someone to find you, or sell you.
  3. Learn and practice your skills – writing scripts and proposals, presenting short films on YouTube or blogs; take a mic and go interview interesting people, volunteer for hospital radio, go entertain the crowds down the local pub…
  4. Expose yourself (just be sure it suits the image you are trying to create!) – use social media like Twitter and Facebook, put yourself on Youtube regularly, create your own Youtube channel, go for castings, write for your local paper, apply to be on TV as a contestant. Just get yourself out there!
  5. Have a more secure “second string” – ideally something with flexible hours or working from home so you have more opportunity to go for meetings and castings.
  6. Network – learn who the decision-makers are or will be. Today’s runner may be tomorrow’s producer. Don’t dismiss the junior members of a production team, their recommendation or opinion is as valid as anyone else’s and if their producer rates them they will listen to them.
  7. Find someone who ‘gets’ you. What one agent hates, another may love; same with producers. Finding anyone who ‘get’s you and will champion you can lead to an opportunity – maybe that researcher who eventually gets the producer job and needs a presenter.
  8. Relax, be you, be friendly, be real.  Unless you are a truly brilliant actor an audience will spot a fake and reject it.
  9. Find out what producers need. Look out for new productions recently commissioned that may need a presenter or reporter.
  10. Don’t turn down the ‘small’ jobs – they can lead to bigger ones. Anything that hones your skills is good – whether warm-up, corporate video, public speaking, holiday camp entertainer.



Not every businessman can be Richard Branson, nor every writer JK Rowling. Not every TV presenter can be Phillip Schofield.

Follow this course because you really want to inform, educate or entertain, because you love communicating with the public whether it’s prime time Saturday night TV or an obscure corporate film for the web.


Good luck!


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