Training & Consultancy



Personalised, individual consultancy based on your specific needs. This could be advising on marketing a specific product/business

to the media, or delivering general support for a range of campaigns in your company.

Individual or group brainstorming sessions at your offices

Advice on structure and format of press releases & pitch emails

Help identifying suitable TV (and other media) outlets

Advice on suitable experts/spokespeople & case studies

Price: Please contact us for a quote customised to your needs.

Prices are based on a minimum half-day rate of £300 per consultant.



A half or full day personalised workshop for your employees to include a brainstorm on ideas for clients and campaigns.

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All ideas and information resulting from the workshops will be totally confidential. You will be asked to send us a brief in advance so we can take time to understand your market.

These workshops are designed to follow on from our ‘How to Pitch’ seminar but can be run independently. They are highly interactive and teach your team how to think like a media editor so they gain a greater understanding of what is required for a successful pitch.

  • Why ideas are important & how to develop them
  • How a media editor puts an idea together & how you can help
  • Feedback on existing ideas and campaigns
  • Interactive pitching sessions
  • Advice on where and who to pitch to
  • Advice on writing the press release and email pitch
  • Feedback on resulting press releases after the event
The full-day workshop includes the ‘How to Pitch to Daytime TV & News’ seminar, followed by the brainstorming session.

Price: Please contact us for a customised quote. Prices are based on a rate of £300 per consultant per half day within London area.