We run regular group seminars and workshops on a range of subjects related to the media. We also offer these sessions as tailored one-to-one consultancy. Contact us for details and costs or simply fill in the form below.


How to be a Media Expert – on TV, radio, print & online

Do you have an expertise? Would you like to develop your expert profile in the media? Not just in television but also in print media and online. Your passion and knowledge of your subject could be very valuable to a TV producer.

This event is suited to anyone interested in being an expert in the media including potential corporate spokespeople.

If you want one-to-one advice on raising your profile as a TV presenter or expert, or require media training check out our CONSULTANCY PACKAGES.

  • How to market yourself to media editors, inc TV, print & online
  • What makes a TV Expert – qualities & qualifications
  • How to pitch yourself – Presenter v Expert
  • Why ideas matter and how to use them to market yourself
  • How to raise your profile as an expert in all media
  • Finding an agent

How to Develop, Write Up & Pitch Ideas for TV

This session is suited to anyone interested in developing ideas into workable formats for TV, whether for PR purposes, as a vehicle for a TV presenter/expert or simply because you have a Big Brilliant Idea that you want to pitch. It focuses mainly on factual, factual entertainment and lifestyle ideas.

If you’d like one-to-one support then check out our DEVELOPMENT SERVICES

  • The Importance of homework and research – has it been done before?
  • How to write up a proposal and treatment
  • How to identify suitable broadcast slots
  • How to protect your idea (copyright)
  • How to pitch
  • Useful Contacts


How to Pitch to Daytime TV & News

This session is ideal for PRs but also a useful insight for anyone interested in working in or pitching to daytime TV. It covers:

Basic guide to how daytime TV production works

How Producers and Editors make their decisions

Effective ways to make an approach

Who to contact

Timelines and Deadlines

Create your own user feedback survey