Runners wanted for ITV’s Dancing on Ice

ITV’s ‘Dancing on Ice’ show is looking for runners for location, production and the live show. I know a few of you who would kill for that job! They say previous experience advantageous but not essential. It’s advertised on that excellent jobs site The Unit List:

Read the advert carefully and don’t apply unless you fit the criteria. And make that application letter sing out!

We are planning a serious of articles on applying for and working on those first jobs in television so look our for those and subscribe by email to get them direct to your inbox.


And if you haven’t already, read these articles first:



  • Debi says:

    I want to be a runner 🙂

  • Dan Fox says:

    I’ll be a runner and run all night if I have to…YES PLEASE 20 years old and as fit as a fiddle.

  • dan20fox says:

    let be be a runner for you, 20 years old and very fit

    • It’s not me that needs the runner but the production of Dancing on Ice at ITV. Ideally they want people who have some work experience in television. You need to visit the job site and check whether it’s suitable for you. And read this first: .

      You should only apply if you are deadly serious about a job and a career in television. Do NOT send speculative applications just cos it sounds like a bit of fun! That will simply annoy them!

      And you need to read this to understand what that sort of job really entails:

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