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Developing & Writing TV Programme Proposals


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Developing and pitching an idea for television can take a lot of work and the process may be lengthy. Once you have researched your idea and if you are confident there is a market for it, the first stage is to write up a professional TV proposal.


If you would like help with this process we can take your idea, develop and write it up into a formatted proposal for TV.


The cost is £350 per proposal.


This includes taking your basic idea or what you have already written up, re-writing into a format suited to pitching to independent production companies or commissioning editors, and adding suggestions where necessary for enhanced content. This cost also includes some suggestions on where you can pitch it but does not include the pitching process itself.


We can also work with you to develop a portfolio of suitable ideas from scratch – a useful exercise if you are looking to sell yourself as an expert in lifestyle TV.


If we do not feel your idea is viable then we will tell you so rather then write up something that is unworkable!


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