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So – you want to pitch to TV and the whole process is a complete mystery to you! This section is all about developing ideas, writing up proposals or press releases and pitching them effectively. You will find articles below that may provide some useful information.

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It is difficult to be general about pitching proposals, ideas or products as there are many different variables apart from genre and format. If you are serious about an idea and willing to pay for specific advice then get in touch. We can help with developing & writing programme proposals. We also provide consultancy for PRs and marketing departments on pitching to factual and lifestyle TV.


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  • Quizmania Presenting Team

    How to be a Success in TV – From Work Experience to Presenter to Media Mogul!

      If you want to work in TV, whether behind the camera or in front of it, Debbie King’s story will provide plenty of food for thought. Debbie’s career has covered a whole range of TV roles including her main passion, presenting. We like to tell it how it really is on this site and […]

  • TM-studio-work-in-tv1-1024x284

    WIN free consultancy with Top Media Professionals & TV Experts

    Would you like a one-to-one consultancy with me, or  a top drama/comedy producer, a highly experienced agent or a post production genius? Maybe you are well experienced yourself in the media but wouldn’t say no to a free make up consultation and makeover with one of the country’s top celebrity make up artists or a […]

  • Stop Stealing my TV Ideas!

    So – you’ve got a brilliant idea and you want to make sure no-one steals it off you. That’s the hard part. Now, first of all you need to understand that there is a chance that someone already has a similar idea in development. Anyone who has regularly pitched proposals for TV shows will have […]

    in Ideas & Development in TV on March 15, 2012 Comments 2
  • AD WEDEX 2

    From Podium Dancer to TV Presenter: A ‘Gay Wedding’ Planner’s Story

      So how did Anthony Miller go from podium dancer to TV presenter and expert? The hard way. Anthony’s story is a great example of how hard and unpredictable TV work can be but also an entertaining account of how sheer perseverance can sometimes get results. He’s tried it all – presenting, TV expert, developing and pitching TV […]

  • Alison Smith-Squires

    How to Find a Good Story – & Get It on TV

    Good television is all about finding – and telling – good stories. Apart from understanding the art of making video you also need to develop good writing skills for many jobs in television. Our last post focused on excellent advice from an experienced  TV screenwriter but what about the factual entertainment side of TV production?  Many factual and multi-item TV programmes eat […]

  • Kevin Lloyd, Actor

    The Highs and Lows of being a TV Press Officer

    Nuala Giblin is a television press officer with many years experience on some of our most iconic TV shows, including ITV’s popular police series, ‘The Bill’.  Nuala kindly agreed to tell us her story of dealing with drama, drama queens and death:  My first job in telly was a fluke, as so many things are […]

    in Press, Photo & PR, Spotlight on Talent on December 5, 2011 Comments 2
  • TV logo 2

    Want to get your Idea on TV?

      It’s Friday. You are not in the mood for reams of text about the trials of working in TV. You want something informative but entertaining – nothing too long; nothing too heavy. And this is a site about television so we need more video, right? How many of us have an idea we think […]

    in Ideas & Development in TV on November 11, 2011 Comments 2
  • Coronation St

    TV Coronation Street Goes to the Bank

    Well the day has finally dawned when product placement becomes OK on British TV. So many years spent being drilled on the horrors of product placement – the workshops, the endless repetition of the Ofcom rules, the scare stories of the sky-high fines for falling foul of the boundaries in daytime TV. It has been officially allowed […]

  • Steve Jobs – A Man of Ideas

    The death of Steve Jobs, innovator, entrepreneur and genius Apple boss has touched many people who valued not only his ideas but his vision and his ability to communicate them. He’s been quoted on this site before because he manages to inspire with his philosophy on life, work and ideas. His speech to the students of Stanford University is legendary. If you haven’t already […]

    in Ideas & Development in TV on October 6, 2011 Comments 0
  • So What does a Stills Photographer do in TV?

    Angus Young is a freelance photographer who started his career in Australia and is now based in London. He specialises in taking film and television publicity still images. I stumbled upon him on Twitter – as you do – and having had a few requests about photography in television  asked if would talk about what […]

    in Press, Photo & PR, Spotlight on Talent on September 30, 2011 Comments 1
  • Accepting Freebies in the Workplace

    Sir Paul Stephenson resigned as Scotland Yard Commissioner at the weekend after finding himself embroiled in the phone hacking scandal via his professional relationship with Neil Wallis, the former News of the World executive. And one of his big mistakes was accepting generous freebies – on this occasion a lengthy stay at Champneys Health spa […]

  • Working in Television Development

    Television development – that utopian heaven of consummate creativity. A place where you think, create, develop and eventually give birth to a brand new idea which will eventually wow the viewers on their television screens. No, of course, it’s not that simple but you are forgiven for thinking like that. I certainly used to. You […]

    in Ideas & Development in TV, Production Roles in TV on May 10, 2011 Comments 6
  • Television presenter Fern Britton doing the splits

    The Production, The Presenter and The Press

    The Motivation for Today’s Blog Post The Production Team You have a brainstorm, develop ideas you hope will be entertaining to an audience that’s seen it all before and if you’ve got a brave producer, and an even braver presenter, they’ll suggest you give the idea a spin on the next live show.  If […]

  • How To Present Ideas

    Creativity and ideas are the lifeblood of television – just as they are for any other kind of media.  What you will undoubtedly find is that many ‘brilliant new ideas’ are in fact quite old ideas.  It can be discouraging to start your first media job and eagerly share your ideas only to be told […]

    in Ideas & Development in TV on April 1, 2011 Comments 5
  • Finding a Television News Scoop – The Girl with X-ray Eyes

    If you read the post about working on the news desk ( you’ll know I mentioned how Natalie (the news producer at the time I was editor of ITV’s This Morning show) bought me the girl with x-ray vision. I promised to return to that story and here it is: Natalie spotted a tiny piece in […]

    in Ideas & Development in TV, Stories from the Studio on March 30, 2011 Comments 0
  • So – Where Do Ideas Come From?

    Ideas are the lifeblood of television. Ideas are consumed at a great rate and those who commission new programmes are constantly on the lookout for the next Big Idea. If you want to get into and get on in television, it certainly helps if you have ideas, or at least know where to find them. […]

    in Ideas & Development in TV on March 17, 2011 Comments 1

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