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She really DOES want to work in Television!

By in July 21, 2011

Louise Gallagher joined our site and told me her story. I told her to tell everyone else! We love a real-life story on here and Louise won’t be the only person wanting to change careers to ensure she feels totally fulfilled professionally. Lou has written plenty of her own words do I’ll let her get […]

So you want to be a Digital Producer Part 3

By in July 14, 2011

The very able and talented Athena Witter concludes her guide to the working life and times of a Digital Producer.  You can find her previous posts here: http://wanttoworkintelevision/category/how-to-get-into-television/jobs-in-television/   Is there anything that other people tend to misunderstand about what you do? Do you think TV producers understand the value of the web content related to their […]

So You Want to Be a Weather Presenter? TV’s Sian Lloyd tells all….

By in July 6, 2011

Sian has recently launched her very own weather web site – one of the cleanest, brightest and simplest sites for finding out what the weather is doing in your area.  You can find it here:  Take a look. Sian agreed to talk to us about how she got into television. Sian’s Story: “Like most things […]

My Life in Television (and what I learnt along the way…) Chapter One

By in May 24, 2011

A new strand for this blog – all about ME!  Well, there’s nothing like experience for teaching you things and while I’m enjoying talking about myself, you may pick up the odd idea on what to do – or more likely what NOT to do – in television! I can assure you it’s mostly an account of […]