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The Real Life of a Television Runner

By in March 22, 2011

Working in television is not the easy option. And by far the most difficult bit is getting a foot in the door and, once you’ve managed that, keeping that door open. The first rung in television is the runner role. Exciting though it may be to get that first job, for most people it will be the beginning […]

How to Find Work as a Graphic Designer in TV

By in April 20, 2015

So how do you make the break into working in TV as a Graphic Designer? A group of enterprising media enthusiasts got in touch with me with a copy of the film they had made addressing just that question. They interviewed Nicholas Walsh who is currently a Junior Graphics Designer for CITV – the Children’s […]

So You Want To Work in TV Audio or Radio?

By in April 15, 2013

Do you work in audio in TV or radio or interested in pursuing that line of work in the media? Then you may be interested in the work of Sound Women, a network of over 900 inspirational women working in audio.  If you’re male stay tuned – there are useful tips for you too!   […]

How to get a foot in the door of TV Camera work

By in January 30, 2013

So you want to be a TV cameraperson? Then what you need is advice from a professional camera operator with a long track record in television. Colin Rogal is a very experienced and successful TV cameraman who has worked on many excellent TV shows, from C4 Dispatches to BBC’s Horizon, from drama and documentary to […]

Can Blogging Help You to Get into TV?

By in December 6, 2012

Are writing skills valuable if you want to work in TV? You betcha! Not only are writing skills useful in many aspects of TV work but they may help you to get TV work in the first place  A badly written CV and covering email could finish your chances of even getting on the first rung. […]

A Disability Won’t Stop Nikki Realising Her TV Dream!

By in October 18, 2012

Continuing the topic of working with a disability in TV a warm welcome to Nikki Fox who knows a lot about just that. She’s written her own post so I’ll simply hand you over! Nikki Fox is a reporter/producer who has worked in TV and radio for six years. Starting out as a junior researcher […]