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How to write a CV to get that job in Television

By in September 26, 2011

The very first step in finding that job in television is getting your CV in shape and who better to offer advice on how to do that than experienced recruitment expert, Elsa Sharp. Elsa knows her subject so well she’s written the book on it – ‘How To Get a Job in Television’ which you […]

More Advice for Work Experience & Runners in Television.

By in August 19, 2011

We continue the theme of advice for those looking for and starting their first job in television. Chris Wise, Managing Director of Mandrill Television, is one fabulous, creative successful television executive. He learnt his craft, set up his own production company and makes wonderful television that broadcasters pay for. He also has a great sense […]

So What Advice do TV Employers have for Work Experience & Runners?

By in August 16, 2011

These were the questions I posed some experienced and influential employers in television: What is your best piece of advice for people looking for work experience or running jobs in TV? Tell the truth – what puts you off a work experience? What qualities do you look for in a runner? What kind of CVs […]

She really DOES want to work in Television!

By in July 21, 2011

Louise Gallagher joined our site and told me her story. I told her to tell everyone else! We love a real-life story on here and Louise won’t be the only person wanting to change careers to ensure she feels totally fulfilled professionally. Lou has written plenty of her own words do I’ll let her get […]