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How to Get a Head Start in Media while still at College Part 1

By in August 31, 2011

Jaime Riley is a final year student at The University of York, hoping for a career in television after graduation. She’s been involved in all sorts of media activities whilst at University and has found them to be very useful when applying for jobs and placements. What are you studying at university and why did […]

Do You Need a Degree to Get into Television?

By in August 25, 2011

What better time to consider the role of a degree qualification when looking for jobs in television, and in particular the value of a media studies qualification? A-level results are in; GSCE results are in; the manic dash for university places is well under way ; Education Secretary Michael Gove has announced plans for an […]

So What does a Production Manager do in Television?

By in October 7, 2013

So you fancy a job as a Production Manager in television? Then you need to know what it’s all about. The PM is – in my opinion – the  hub of the production and I don’t envy the balance they have to achieve between facilitating the creative ideas (“I need a helicopter for the establishing […]

What Qualifications do Television Employers look for?

By in August 27, 2011

Following on from the previous post about the ideal qualifications for getting work in television, we now pass on some information we gleaned from a little poll we conducted recently. Nothing particularly scientific and certainly not wide-ranging but 25 potential employers in the television and recruitment business responded to the following question: Are you more […]

Getting that first job in television – and keeping it!

By in August 15, 2011

Most of the questions I get are concerned with getting that first job in television. Getting your foot in the door of a television career is hard – very hard. Unfortunately having a media degree is no guarantee that it will be any easier for you so this advice applies to anyone trying to get […]

So You Want to be a TV Editor?

By in July 26, 2011

…Then you need to listen up to Mark Sangster, Director and Editor at Editworks, a post production company with a base in London and Glasgow. This is a man who understand edit suites and the role of an editor and his many years of experience qualifies him as a master of much more than the […]