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From Tabloid Girl to TV Presenter – How Journalism Made Sharon a TV Star.

By in June 11, 2012

  So you want to be a TV reporter or presenter? I get so many questions asking for advice on this subject and the next two articles come from two different people who have succeeded in their field by following two very different routes. If you are not already signed up to get these articles […]

If you can make a sandwich you can make TV!

By in January 25, 2012

What do television employers look for in a new recruit? Well much the same as sandwich chain Pret a Manger look for in theirs! Pret has been in the news charged with employing foreigners at the expense of local home-grown British applicants. Let’s not get into that debate but let’s identify what makes a new […]

Looking for TV work in Northern Ireland (or any other part of the UK)?

By in January 3, 2012

Sometimes it must feel like all the best TV jobs are in London and it is true to say that it is a thriving hub of media production but it just takes a bit of research to dig out media employers in other parts of the UK (and indeed the world!).   We’ve had a couple of […]

How to Improve your Job Application Skills

By in December 21, 2011

Jobs are hard to get these days – for everyone, not just those of you looking for jobs in TV. You need to ensure the way you apply is as good as it can be. If your new-year resolution is to improve your application skills then here’s some useful advice, courtesy of the experts at […]

Getting a Job in TV after a Career Break

By in November 27, 2011

Recently I was asked to give a talk at a session run by the Royal Television Society on Update TV. The day-long event was focused on people who already had experience in the media but may have taken time out for some reason and needed ideas on what skills they may need to update in […]

The Importance of WORK in Getting a Job in TV.

By in November 23, 2011

A few days I go I wrote about the Skillset survey on skills in journalism and TV and suggested that if you want to get a job in TV, or polish up on the necessary skills, that you should read it.  Did you? You are forgiven if you skimmed through it – it’s long and […]