My First eBook!

Yes I finally did it. Put my money (well, put my time & stress!) where my mouth is. Regular readers will know how passionate I am about getting out there and just ‘doing it’. If you want to develop your media skills you have to practise them and the Internet is just such a fantastic place to present your content.

So I wrote the eBook – finally!

It’s available on Amazon (formatting a book for Kindle was a very steep and frustrating learning curve!) and coming soon in print version.

Some of the content can be found on the site but it contains a whole host of new material all designed to guide the entry-level applicant through the process of finding work experience, digging out the jobs, writing the CV and covering letter, interviews – the works.

Anyway all feedback welcome and if you read it and like it please do leave a review on Amazon as it helps promote my book elsewhere.

Thank You!


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  • yvonne grace says:

    hi shu i run and have posted up a link to this very useful book for my clients and members of my writers group on facebook thanks! yvonne grace

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