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Rotem Hecht, Composer

Rotem Hecht – music composer and sound designer.


Rotem is based in Israel and got in touch to let media folk in the UK know that he is expanding his work overseas.

He composes original music for movies, commercials, games, corporate videos etc.

I can’t vouch for him personally but his links suggest he’s good at what he does so figured I’d introduce him to you – in case you’re looking for original music.


(Could this be the start of a whole new section on this site, she muses…?)


Kreo Transformers trailer (best res’)


My You Tube channel:


My Space:


List of projects composed by Rotem




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  • Hriju roy says:

    i am a music composer in india working in films,commercials and albums …would be highly obliged to work for you in any way ..i am well versed with indian classical music as well as western classical and other form … a huge fan of your can add a touch of india in your music through me ,my work is uploaded in youtube at


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