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Are you interested in screenwriting? Then a couple of bits of news that may be useful to you:


Screenwriting Competition

The School of Media & Performance  at Falmouth is pleased to announce the opening of this year’s Nick Darke Award. The award will continue to celebrate the best writing for stage, screen and radio with writers having the chance of winning £6000, a £3000 increase on previous years.

Nick Darke in his front garden

Nick Darke was a successful writer from Cornwall. He  won the George Devine award in 1979. His work attracted further commissions. Everything he wrote for theatre was produced – twenty seven plays in twenty eight years. They are performed and translated throughout the world. He also wrote for radio, television and wrote several screenplays.

In 2001 Nick had a stroke which affected his speech and reading and writing. He and his wife Jane made a film, The Wrecking Season, about the contacts he made tracing fishing gear back to the East coast of America. It’s a film about the North Atlantic community and Cornwall’s place within it.

The Nick Darke Award was set up to encourage and support fellow writers for stage, screen and radio.
This year’s judges include; Jeremy Howe, Drama Commissioning Editor for Radio 4; Molly Dineen, a BAFTA and Royal Television Society award-winning UK television documentary director, cinematographer and producer; Roger Michell, the theatre, television and film director who directed Notting Hill and Sebastian Born the Associate Director (Literary) of the National Theatre London.

In the first instance submissions are invited for an outline and 20 sample script pages of work that will be considered by a selection of readers. The eight shortlisted writers will then be judged by a panel before the winner is announced in October 2012.

Writers are asked to submit work on an environmental theme in recognition of Nick’s lifelong commitment to this issue. The word environmental may however be broadly interpreted.

If you have any further questions please email with the full submission information available to download at


Screenwriting Course 

Phil Gladwin, founder of Screenwriting Goldmine, is getting together with Philip Shelley, experienced script executive, trainer, and proprietor of, to set up Script Writing courses in Cardiff, Norwich and London.

They would like you to know that their special guest for Cardiff is Casualty Series Producer Nikki Wilson. After great stints producing Doctor Who and Upstairs Downstairs, Nikki now runs the show that is literally one of the biggest hirers of screenwriters in the UK.

Tour Dates

Cardiff – Sat/Sun 21-22 April
Norwich – Sat/Sun 19-20 May
London – Sat/Sun 16-17 June

The screenwriting courses combine a mix of lectures and more dynamic sessions with methods and techniques you may never have thought of attempting before. Two days on the course covers:

  • Creating and animating vivid and memorable characters
  • Using subtext in dialogue.
  • Making the most of your connections to grow your network and build your career.
  • Writing a one page pitch document.
  • Entwining character and structure in a fully dramatic braid to maximise the potential of your story.
  • Avoiding wasting your time working on projects that stand no chance of being commissioned.
  • Creating an elevator pitch that hits home.
  • Outmanoeuvring a commissioning editor before they even start reading.

You can get all the information on their website here:

And they’re offering £25 off the cost of the course for one person. Just leave a comment below saying why you’d like to attend the course and Phil will pick one answer to receive the discount.


  • Trish B. says:

    I love reading Phil’s website – it contains many nuggets of advice & information I haven’t come across anywhere else. It is always a source of inspiration and I would love to attend his course and hear and learn more!

  • I am a recent graduate with a degree in drama & theatre and in theatre directing but I am currently working in the production side of film and video. Every day I write and scribble down my ideas in the hope of being able to try and pursue a more creative career path. I feel that this course would give me the tools I need to taylor my talent for writing and I would learn a great deal from the experience of the course leaders.

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