How to Publish Your Own eBook



Want to write a book or written one and wondering how to get it published?

Do it yourself is the mantra of the new technological age. We can discuss whether opening up the publishing platform to every Tom, Dick and Harry is a good thing or simply opening up the floodgates to a load of dross but let’s not bother right now. Let’s agree that what we have to say, to write, to publish has an eager audience somewhere.

So how do you do it?

Easy peasy!

Several people asked how I published my ebook ‘An Expert’s Guide To Getting into TV’ so here are my very basic Top Ten Tips on how to self-publish.

  1. Write it. Word will do nicely. By all mean use indents, italics and etc but Amazon recommend you avoid bullet points, special fonts, headers, and footers as they will not be transferred when formatting for Kindle (although I did use bullet points and they did transfer!).
  2. Save it as .doc – not .docx or .rtf as that may give you problems when formatting for the upload to Amazon.
  3. Create a front cover. There are people online who sell a service making front covers that work well for sites like Amazon but however you do it (and advice on that is another whole story make sure it looks good as a thumbnail – ie as a very small picture ‘cos that is what people will see when searching for books on Amazon.
  4. Add the various bits and pieces, like front page, copyright stuff (I copied and amended the legal stuff on someone else’s book), contents page and so on. Check the full instructions here on Amazon’s site.
  5. As per those instructions save as an HMTL doc (on my computer its ‘save as web page’).
  6. Follow instructions to upload to Amazon, wait a few hours to be signed off then sit back and admire your presence as a published author on line!
  7. OK, we’ve got 4 points left to make this a Top Ten Tips so let’s use them up. Number 7: then save separately as a PDF document for those people who don’t do Kindle (you don’t need a Kindle to view such books though. Simply download the Kindle software for free and you can read the books on your computer).
  8. Sign up as a merchant with Paypal and follow instructions to get a Buy Now button. Details here on Paypal.
  9. Copy and paste the code they give you into your website and start selling your book as a PDF. If you’ve no idea what to do with the code choose the email option (available when they offer you the code). You can add this to your site or simply send around in an email marketing campaign.
  10. If you get stuck simply type your question into Google and someone out there will have the answer for you. Or leave your question in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer it.
Beware that if you sell your book as a PDF there is a very good chance people will simply email it around to each other so as not to have to pay for all your hard work – just sayin’……


Simples, eh?  OK I did spend several hours banging my head against the computer screen and swearing like a trooper but a bit of perseverance, reading instructions carefully and anyone can be a published author in a matter of minutes (assuming you’ve already spent those agonizing weeks, months, years writing the content!).

Getting people to read and buy your book, however, is a whole other story…..


Happy publishing!



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