How to Pitch Stories, Make Contacts & Find Work as a Journalist

Having a profile as a journalist or writer with strong ideas is a great way to qualify for entry into TV. Whether you want to work in TV or write for print publications then brushing up on your writing skills is essential.  More importantly you need to know how to sell a story to editors and of course how to make contact with them.


susanSusan Grossman is a highly experienced writer, editor, journalist, coach and a lecture in Journalism at Westminster University. She also runs excellent training courses and a regular weekly Writers Cafe in central London which is suitable for all journalists looking to get individual support including: women returners, former editors, reporters and travel writers


The sessions are tutored small group workshops held weekly on Friday mornings with bookings in advance.


Feedback on work in progress. Maximum 6 participants.


You can bring along pitches, brainstorm ideas, get names of editors to pitch to, find a topical ‘hook’ for story ideas, increase earning capacity. Explore using social media to get work, or writing branded digital content.


The two-hour session costs £40. Central London location (Euston)



For more information about Susan click here:  Susan Grossman, Coach, Writing, Pitching, Training, Mentoring

You can also join an engaging network of fellow writers and journalists on Susan’s Facebook Group – JournoAnswers:

Twitter: @wordsallowed


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