How to Make an Impact at TV Audition or Interview

Here it is – as promised – part two of successful author, hypnotherapist and Life Coach, Annie Ashdown’s guide to making a strong presentation at those all important television 0r film auditions or job interviews.  You can read part one HERE.

Over to Annie:


Ok, so here’s the thing..

Imagine your big moment has arrived.

Perhaps you have received a call saying you have an interview for that job you long for in TV, or you are invited to audition as a host for a prime TV show or finally you are invited to pitch your idea for a show to the commissioning editor at ITV. Whatever it is, you have a limited amount of time to impress.

You need to come across immediately as trustworthy, competent, likeable, confident, credible and approachable. Having talent, looks and ideas are not enough these days to create an impact. If you get off on the wrong foot, it is hard to turn things around. First impressions are absolutely crucial if you want to gain respect and make a lasting impression.

Want to know the secret to INSTANTLY creating an impact?

  • Smile so you exude confidence.
  • Fire your inner critic so you feel good about yourself as no one will doubt a word you say.
  • Be sure you know yourself well so you can accentuate your strengths and minimise your weaknesses and be assertive in your approach.
  • Be authentic.
  • Take pride in your appearance as this expresses who you are.
  • Take measures to ensure your mind, body and soul are in good shape so you will stand out and act like a leader.
  • Get familiar with the art of body language so you look relaxed and comfortable signalling confidence and competence.


1          Watch ‘you tube’ clips of actors you admire in a role where they are being assertive and study their body language to emulate them.

2          Your mind doesn’t know the difference between fantasy & reality, so if you feel fearful, close your eyes before sleep and imagine succeeding.

3          Read biographies of successful people and model their behaviours, attitudes and beliefs.

4          Whenever you feel doubt creeping in write out five of your attributes.

5          Put your points and personality across in a neutral tone speaking from your heart so you sound friendly, firm and assertive.

6          Practise being an effective listener and genuinely hear what people are saying, rather than focusing on being heard.


PRACTISE, PLAN, PREPARE. You’re only as good as your preparation.  Figure out what you want to convince people of – in sound bites, so you are clear, centred and concise. Practise in front of a mirror beforehand and write out what you want to say. Break your list down into bullet points, as these are the things you will remember.

Get out there and be seen and heard. Go for it, make it happen!


Because, it’s your time to shine.


Annie Ashdown is author of Doormat Nor Diva Be and The Confidence Factor – 7 Secrets of Successful People (Crimson £12.99). Top 10 Best Seller. Available Amazon, Waterstones, WH Smith, Eason’s in Ireland and Barnes & Noble, USA.  

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