How to Find Work as a Graphic Designer in TV

So how do you make the break into working in TV as a Graphic Designer?

A group of enterprising media enthusiasts got in touch with me with a copy of the film they had made addressing just that question. They interviewed Nicholas Walsh who is currently a Junior Graphics Designer for CITV – the Children’s TV department at ITV.

We are always recommending that anyone who wants to get into TV gets involved in making their own media rather that just waiting for the TV jobs to come along so all credit to Matthew Singh and Kashif Iqbal who sent me the film. A guide to Getting into TV Graphics coming up….


First let’s hear from Nicholas:

citv“My name is Nicholas Walsh, I’m 25 and my job title is Junior Graphics Designer for CITV.

I have a BDes in Visual Effects and Post Production from Futureworks Ltd. Manchester.

What I think helped me with the job is that, in my spare time, I was working as a freelance motion graphics artist and self taught graphic designer. Ironically, the graphic design work was more in abundance and I managed to build up a portfolio. So, I guess a top tip is: Don’t be afraid to be adaptive. If you have more than one skill set, let it be known and use it to get toward your goal.

The great thing about ITV is that they allow you to work across the board and try new things. Which, in itself, can open new doors and help you discover new talents”.



The Producer/Directors of the film:

“We are KnM Films. Basically myself (Matthew Singh) and my friend (Kashif Iqbal) met at University studying a VFX and Postproduction degree at Futureworks Media School in Manchester.

We’re simply two friends who really enjoyed working together and as a result, worked together on many projects both in and out of Uni such as music videos and corporate films for various companies.

We both work full time at the moment. I am an editor and producer at Manchester United TV and Kash teaches media to college students at Oldham College so we both work in TV.

Our goal is to simple grow our Youtube channel and create a huge following of subscribers, creating films that we feel will inspire people and/or teach them something valuable they can take into their own lives.





You can find KnM Films on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.


Thanks you to  Matthew, Kashif and Nicholas.




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