How To Find An Agent: Part 3 Useful Links

So where to start in contacting an agent?  There is a list below to get you started. As always – do your homework!  Check out the web site, see what kind of people they represent. Try and find one that you think may suit your skills and talents.  This is just a selection of agencies I have worked with over the years but there are plenty more.

Agent Dave Warwick advises anyone searching for representation to get a copy of Contact’s which is published by Spotlight Publications it will cost £12.99 to purchase the email address is or call 0207440 5026 .

Spotlight publications are at 7 Leicester Place London ,W2CH 7RJ and the website is

If you’ve missed the previous articles on this subject, find them here: http://wanttoworkintelevision/category/presenting-on-television/

Links to some established agents – in no particular order:

John Noel Management

James Grant Management

ROAR Global

White Management

June Ford Crush Personal Management

Susan Rider Management

Dave Warwick

Knight Ayton

Michael Joyce Management

Debi Allen Associates

MPC Entertainment

Arlington Enterprises


Carol Hayes Management

United Agents

Richard Stone Partnership

ARG Talent Agency

Wise Buddah

Becca Barr Management

Curtis Brown


For Comedy in particular:

Off The Kerb

Phil McIntyre

Mike Leigh Associates


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