How to Develop a Profile as a TV Expert or Presenter with a Passion

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Do you think you could be a TV expert? Are you a potential TV presenter with a particular interest or speciality? Would you like some help to develop your public profile?

As we have often said on this site, having an expertise – or simply just a passion for a specific subject – is a great way to get yourself on the television screen. Finding a role as a general TV presenter or reporter can be challenging so you need something that sets up apart from everyone else.  There is always a market for TV experts, especially in the news area. When a subject comes up in the headlines news producers scramble to find the ideal, qualified, expert to comment on it. In the lifestyle and features area of television experts can help kick off ideas for new formats in new subject areas.

So do you have an expertise? Have you worked in a particular area for a while and keen to share your knowledge in the media?Would you like to develop your expert profile in the media? Not just television but also in print media and online. Your passion and knowledge of your subject could be very valuable to a TV producer. In my consultancy work I have advised experts on how to pitch themselves to a variety of media but not everyone has the budget to take on a consultant (and much as I’d love to I can’t afford to give everyone advice for free – the kids and dog need feeding!) so we have created a special seminar specifically to advise potential – and existing – media experts on how to pitch themselves. It is also ideal for any corporate spokespeople who may be required at some point to comment for TV when their business is featured in the news.

The seminar takes place in London on March 17th 2014 with me and my colleague Natalie Lisbona who is an experienced News producer on ITV’s Daybreak- she is just the sort of person who scrambles around for the appropriate expert when a news story demands one! Natalie is also an expert in placing stories in newspapers and magazines. So those attending will get the advantage of insider tips and advice from both a news and daytime/lifestyle perspective. This event is suited to anyone keen to get a better idea of how TV producers find and use presenters and experts.

As I say I have hungry kids so there is a cost for the seminar however as you are my favoured and fabulous subscribers you get a hefty ‘Mates’ Rates’ discount!


If you want to attend simply follow the link coming up, choose General Admission ticket and click on ‘promotional code’ (code doesn’t work for Early Bird tickets). Type in WITV2014 and you will get £20 off the full cost of £55. For that price you even get refreshments and a booklet to go home with!

The session will include ample time for questions and answers so we address exactly what you need to know.

Interested? It would be lovely to see you there.

Here’s the link for information and tickets:




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