Happy Holidays!

… and sympathy to anyone NOT getting a holiday this summer, but as someone on Twitter said, if you’re not getting a holiday because you’re working – at least you’ve got a job!

This site is powering down during the month of August, partly because I am on the road and homeless while building work goes on chez nous.



Before that I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all you lovely subscribers, over 1000 of you to date,  for no particular reason other than you are there and therefore part of the So You Want to Work in Television family!

Thanks to those of you who have suggested topics for articles. We will follow all those ideas up and feel free to send in more. If you have experience or a story to tell about your work in television, please feel free to offer a guest blog post or volunteer for an eInterview. And if any of the information on this site or on our Twitter feed has helped you please pass on the good news either in comments or by email.



Tickets for our very first Meet n’ Greet/Workshop event (never entirely sure what to call it – halfway between networking and workshop) are going well so if you’re thinking of attending don’t leave it too late to book. Entitled The Agent, The Producer and The Commissioner it’s designed to provide an insight into how those important TV people make decisions on hiring TV presenters, reporters and experts.  You can get full details by clicking on this link: THE AGENT, THE PRODUCER AND THE COMMISSIONER (or go to

Again if you have any ideas of what other sort of workshops or training sessions would be useful to you, do let us know. Getting input and feedback from you all is hugely appreciated.



As you know this site is free but it does cost to run it so if you are planning any online shopping in preparation for your summer then please think about accessing Amazon via the links on the site. You don’t pay any more but Amazon gives a tiny percentage back which all helps the costs.

If you have people asking you for advice on how to get into television, please refer them to my eBook, the one with the dreadful title ‘An Expert’s Guide To Getting into TV (one day I may get around to changing it!) also available on Amazon. No need for a Kindle, the Kindle software is available to download for free from Amazon so readers can access it on their desktop or laptop.

If you have already read the book it would be very helpful if you leave a review on the Amazon page, which helps to highlight its existence to the rest of the world.



If you are going on holiday – enjoy. If you are out of work don’t forget to take some time out of worrying and applying to enjoy the summer. One day you’ll be hard at work and wishing you’d made the most of your time off! The television world does tend to go a bit quite in the summer months anyway.

We’ll still be around on Twitter and Facebook – although probably quieter – and will continue to pass on any interesting links, news of jobs and internships and anything else that may be useful to you. If you like I’d could also give a running commentary on the building work!! That’ll probably be a drama in its own right…

Back with loads more advice, information and stories about working in television in September!

With very best wishes



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