Grab The BEST TV Networking Opportunity Ever!


If you have any interest in working in TV then you’ll probably know about the Edinburgh Festival – not just a riot of comedy, entertainment and innovative shows in the main festival but also a meeting of the great and the good of television.

The TV part of the festival is a yearly event at the end of August  and it’s the MUST GO TO event for all the media big wigs. Someone REALLY important makes the keynote MacTaggart speech relating to the future of television (loved last year’s by Google boss Eric Schmidt); all the TV executives, commissioning editors and producers head up to Edinburgh to attend seminars, network and do business, and everyone enjoys a drink at the George’s Hotel bar.

What better place for an aspiring TV entrant to network, learn and soak up the exciting world of TV production?


Well, Media Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival (MGEITF to their friends) are offering 4 days of free masterclasses, practical workshops and – the real money can’t buy part – access to the most influential TV industry creatives and execs at the TV Festival. 

This year, they will be taking around 65 people up to Edinburgh, who have all won their places on the scheme by demonstrating a passion and interest in TV.  Applicants don’t need any specific experience or qualifications to be eligible for a place, and, apart from their return travel to Edinburgh, everything is free, including accommodation and food.

The scheme has been running for 22 years and has launched the careers of many in the industry, in that time, either as The Network or as TVYP (the old name for the scheme).


If you manage to get a place they promise that you will get a taster of what it’s like working in TV. 

As it says on their site:

You could be:

* Making news reports with Sky News
* Directing drama sequences with Hollyoaks
* Developing new programme ideas with ITV Studios

You will also attend masterclasses led by the industry’s leading figures, including channel controllers, commissioners and celebrities.

By the end of the programme you’ll have the skills, knowledge and contacts to start your career in telly!


So obviously you’re going to apply right?

All you need to do is head over to the MGEITF website and complete the application.

Bear in mind there will be a LOT of competition so you are going to have to do your homework and work at standing out in the application form.

Don’t forget to read all parts of their website. They explain why and how to apply and there’s a section on previous delegates. They will want to see evidence of real energy and passion for TV, and ideas too. Don’t just be saying you are applying “because you love TV’ – demonstrate that love in an inspiring, creative application!

They have even got a page of tips on how to do a good application which you can find HERE. Read it! If this is important to you don’t wing it!!

And if you get in let us know! We’ll want to hear all about it.

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  • Sean O'Brien says:

    I got a place on The Network last year and it was incredible. You won’t believe the workshops they organise for you. I didn’t actually make too many contacts from it sadly but I was far shyer back then!

    Everything aside from transport to Edinburgh is paid for (even a fair amount of booze!). I can’t really recommend The Network enough, it was four of the best days of my life.

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