Training Available for TV Management Coaching.

There is money around to help fund training and coaching for those working, and managing teams, in television! Why not go see if you can get some of it?!

Skillset – which supports skills and training for people and businesses in creative industries such as television – subsidises various training courses and provides bursaries for individuals to reduce the costs.

They are currently providing bursaries for coaching programmes and workshops like the one that coaching business, Sensability run by Alison Matthews, advertises.

Coaching is generally suited to people who are not making the most of their skills and find themselves struggling to manage teams effectively or failing to move onwards in their career. It can be helpful to have someone analyse your personal and professional skills and to advise on how you can use them more productively.

In order to get ahead in the workplace it is important to understand how to be a good leader.  Learning through experience is an effective but hard way to learn. If you get a chance, get some profesional help in understanding how to get the best out of people. With a degree organizational leadership management will be a much easier task.

Alison Matthews

There are a variety of way to learn how to manage and lead people and several workshops and courses.

Alison Matthews is a fully qualified trainer and coach and better still has worked for many years in TV herself. She is therefore well aware of the realities, the pressures and the challenges that working in the television industry entails.

What is Coaching?

 “A coach is non-judgemental and listens to you and helps you find the answers within yourself.  Your coach helps you get from where you are now to where you want to be.  Everyone has the answers within themselves and sometimes we all need a little help to find them.   When you work with a coach, they are completely committed to your success and everything you say to them is in total confidence.

Coaching is not therapy.  Coaching works by looking at the now and moving forward.  If a coach feels that you would be better consulting a therapist or counsellor they will refer you to that route”.

Alison explains that “Whether you are a performer or behind the scenes, in television, film, theatre, post production etc, a workshop or coaching session can help you to understand yourself and others better, build and manage relationships, network, increase your contact list, feel positive and focused when you’re in a stressful situation or looking for work, set goals and create an action plan for your future.  And you’ll be able to use the techniques you learn immediately in your professional and personal life”. 

If you want more information on suitable training and bursaries, check out Alison’s site at

To find out more about the Skillset bursaries check this link:


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