Friday Fun!

It’s Friday and you’re not in the mood for a heavy lecture on the finer points of television production, are you?

So let’s have some light relief.

One of the topics we will return to many times, I’m quite sure, is When Things Go Wrong (and what you can learn from it!).

This is a famous incident from ‘This Morning’. It was broadcast live to over a million viewers in October 2003 and involved a knife-thrower’s attempt to beat his own record for the most knives he could throw at his assistant (and girlfriend) in 60 seconds.   The clip is a favourite on YouTube but here it is again just for you! I was editor of the show at the time.  If only my answer had been different when someone suggested the item in the first place…. (and then again we’d never have got all the publicity afterwards!).

[wpvideo k5LMEUIF]


  • Annie Stirk says:

    Good times on TM!I still cringe when I remember the garlic ice cream incident on Susan Brookes cookery slot.It was my job as Food Stylist to prepare set n style all the food/dishes for the cookery items .Following a VT about The Garlic Festival I had prepared a selection of dishes using garlic Richard had insisted at last minute that we have some garlic ice cream .Short of time I took a shortcut and used rather a lot of ready peeled garlic cloves and soft scoop ice cream ,Tasting it before bed the previous night before the show it needed a bit more garlic so I wacked some more in !!!!Nxt day the item went well Richard was enjoying all the garlic dishes and then tucked into a large spoon of the ice cream.Very quickly he started spluttering and coughing – water was requested but it made it worse and he ended up having to leave the set !!!!I was watching on the studio monitor and all i could hear was him coughing and spluttering .He recovered and went back on set still coughing !!!Meanwhile I was nearly having a heart attack and thought it would be the end of my TV food career .

    • Brilliant story, Anne – those were the days! Those are just the sort of stories we need. How about you do us a blog piece on the work of a food economist on television?
      Anyway, garlic is good for you – hope you explained that to Richard!

  • Naveed says:

    heh heh, that was my show! I remember going to studio 6 afterwards for a rather stiff drink…

  • That’s the problem with you creatives – always trying to push the boundaries! No wonder Studio 6 is always so busy….

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