• Want Information on Getting into or onto TV? Here’s where to find it…

    First time on this web site? Not sure where to start looking on this TV blog or simply drowning in the plethora of articles and categories? There is a menu at the top of the page and a list of categories in the sidebar so check those out for some clues.   If you are […]

  • Get Noticed as a Rising Talent in TV!

    Have you been working in TV for between 3-5 years? Are you a rising star in the TV world? Are you destined to be the next Channel Controller or Creative Head? Or do you know someone that is? Perhaps you are more senior and know someone who has ambition and the talent to go with it that […]

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  • FREE, informal TV Networking Event

    *** THIS EVENT IS NOW FULL UP*** Sure there’ll be another coming along soon….     One of the stars of this blog, Louise Gallagher – whose story can be found here – has arranged an informal networking event in central London this Thursday evening May 10th (yes, tomorrow!).  It’s a great opportunity to meet […]

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  • Keen Screenwriters Take Note…

    Are you interested in screenwriting? Then a couple of bits of news that may be useful to you:   Screenwriting Competition The School of Media & Performance  at Falmouth is pleased to announce the opening of this year’s Nick Darke Award. The award will continue to celebrate the best writing for stage, screen and radio with […]

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  • Paid Social Media Intern Position Available

      Are you looking for a paid intern position in the media? Then maybe this one is for you. Hitv needs a Social Media Intern part time to help promote their channel.   Hitv is an African Channel broadcast on SKY 204. It’s an entertainment channel which promotes mainly Nigerian culture and lifestyle but tend to be more […]

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  • How to Publish Your Own eBook

    HOW YOU CAN PUBLISH YOUR OWN EBOOK   Want to write a book or written one and wondering how to get it published? Do it yourself is the mantra of the new technological age. We can discuss whether opening up the publishing platform to every Tom, Dick and Harry is a good thing or simply […]

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  • My First eBook!

    Yes I finally did it. Put my money (well, put my time & stress!) where my mouth is. Regular readers will know how passionate I am about getting out there and just ‘doing it’. If you want to develop your media skills you have to practise them and the Internet is just such a fantastic […]

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