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    Want Information on Getting into or onto TV? Here’s where to find it…

    First time on this web site? Not sure where to start looking on this TV blog or simply drowning in the plethora of articles and categories? There is a menu at the top of the page and a list of categories in the sidebar so check those out for some clues.   If you are […]

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    How to Find a Good Story – & Get It on TV

    Good television is all about finding – and telling – good stories. Apart from understanding the art of making video you also need to develop good writing skills for many jobs in television. Our last post focused on excellent advice from an experienced  TV screenwriter but what about the factual entertainment side of TV production?  Many factual and multi-item TV programmes eat […]

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    Want to get your Idea on TV?

      It’s Friday. You are not in the mood for reams of text about the trials of working in TV. You want something informative but entertaining – nothing too long; nothing too heavy. And this is a site about television so we need more video, right? How many of us have an idea we think […]

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  • Steve Jobs – A Man of Ideas

    The death of Steve Jobs, innovator, entrepreneur and genius Apple boss has touched many people who valued not only his ideas but his vision and his ability to communicate them. He’s been quoted on this site before because he manages to inspire with his philosophy on life, work and ideas. His speech to the students of Stanford University is legendary. If you haven’t already […]

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  • Working in Television Development

    Television development – that utopian heaven of consummate creativity. A place where you think, create, develop and eventually give birth to a brand new idea which will eventually wow the viewers on their television screens. No, of course, it’s not that simple but you are forgiven for thinking like that. I certainly used to. You […]

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    The Production, The Presenter and The Press

    The Motivation for Today’s Blog Post The Production Team You have a brainstorm, develop ideas you hope will be entertaining to an audience that’s seen it all before and if you’ve got a brave producer, and an even braver presenter, they’ll suggest you give the idea a spin on the next live show.  If […]

  • How To Present Ideas

    Creativity and ideas are the lifeblood of television – just as they are for any other kind of media.  What you will undoubtedly find is that many ‘brilliant new ideas’ are in fact quite old ideas.  It can be discouraging to start your first media job and eagerly share your ideas only to be told […]

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