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Want Information on Getting into or onto TV? Here’s where to find it…

First time on this web site? Not sure where to start looking on this TV blog or simply drowning in the plethora of articles and categories? There is a menu at the top of the page and a list of categories in the sidebar so check those out for some clues. If you are looking […]

Dog-Loving Presenter Wanted for Web-TV Shopping Channel

If you are looking for a break as a small-screen presenter, keen to get something professional on camera for the TV presenting showreel and you live in the north of England – AND you love dogs – then this job may have your name on it!   Mandrill Television is a successful independent television production […]

How Therese Won a Place on TV’s Most Important Networking Event

It’s that time of year again and time for applications to The Network. The Network is a FREE intensive introduction to working in the TV industry, run by the world’s leading TV festival The Media Guardian Edinburgh International TV Festival . Get one of the 65 places on The Network and you’ll spend 4 days […]

Should You Ever Give Up on Your Dream (To Work in TV)?

My sister watched her husband die this month. Such moments get you thinking about death and of course it’s precursor – LIFE. Excuse the dark opening to this post but death is one of the most effective ways to make you stop and consider where your life is leading and what you want from it. […]

Ten Top Tips on How to Sell Yourself to a TV Employer

Ten Top Tips on How to Sell Yourself to a TV Employer Attending the Boldface Productions’ networking event recently confirmed that many people looking to break into the media want advice on how to sell themselves to potential TV employers. There is advice elsewhere on this site and in my ebook ‘An Expert’s Guide to […]

TV Networking Event in August

A quick mention for a TV networking event that may be of interest. It’s being held in London by  ‘Telly Talk London’ to raise money for charity whilst also celebrating the television industry. It aims to cover such topics as How does the industry work? How do you get a foot in the door? How do you […]

Do You Fancy a Funded Media Internship in Spain?

How do you fancy a funded work placement/ internship in Seville, Spain?   You’d be working with a creative company in the area of media, web or design. And you’d be in SPAIN for 13 weeks, learning, soaking up the culture, getting experience, with your accommodation paid. Sounds like a great gig to me!!  Sound familiar? Well […]

So You Want to Work in TV Design…

If you are interested in a career in Design in TV then you must check out this from the BBC on their website: “The BBC Design Trainee Scheme supports the development of new entrant design skills in costume, make-up, interactive design and the art department. BBC Design Trainees represent some of the best new design talent in […]


TOP TEN REASONS WHY YOU WON’T GET A REPLY TO YOUR TV JOB APPLICATION “It really saps my morale and sometimes I can get quite upset about it. Am I of no value to anyone out there? I could send dozens of emails in a week and the silence is deafening”.  So says one very […]

‘Liberating’ Leftover Food Funded My First Runner’s Job!

Staying on the subject of finding work as a post production runner, this account from an editor on how he got his first break as a runner in post production. Paul Lumsden broke into the business and found his niche as an editor without the benefit of useful contacts or a monied family to cushion those early years of low pay. […]



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