Calling all experienced TV & Film Production People.  

(Yes I know I said I was shutting down in August but this needs your attention NOW!)

Your help is needed by the people responsible for setting the standards of qualifications and jobs in TV & Film.

Skillset, the industry body which supports skills and training for people and businesses in the UK creative industries, including of course Film & TV, is doing a review of standards in our media workplace. If you want to ensure your production team is suitably qualified and trained then it is in your interests to offer your thoughts on this process.

They have recently been reviewing the National Standards for Film and TV Production.  Standards are documents which outline what you need to know and be able to do to work effectively in areas of work. The Film and TV Production draft, which has been created with focus groups over the UK, is now available online for industry consultation and comment.


What they really REALLY need is as many experienced television and film professionals – of all job grades, from production secretary to director  – to take a look at the proposed standards and offer feedback.

It will provide very interesting and informative reading to those studying media, in work experience or starting off in a runner’s job but feedback is only required from those experienced in the TV & Film workplace. 

The link is below and runs until the end of this month so please take a look now. If you currently in production please do pass on to members of your team and other TV contacts you may have to ensure a wide audience.


You don’t have to look at all of it; you can do as little or as much as you can. We’ve tried to create a more marked split between film/drama and broadcast (where possible) so it should be easier for people to see which ones are relevant to them.

They are trying to get this seen by as many people working in the production sector as possible – this includes heads of production, producers, line producers, production managers, co-ordinators, associate producers and script supervisors. That way, we will get enough feedback to ensure these production Standards are correct and meaningful. As they are used to create university and media colleges curricula, industry training courses and job descriptions, it’s crucial that we get as much industry engagement as possible. All comments and feedback are really appreciated.


PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK: Production National Standards consultation


Your input is invaluable and will help to further shape the National Occupational Standards for production in film and TV. This work will then inform qualifications, job descriptions and other development tools for individuals, companies, trainers and educators.


You can get more information about Skillset’s Standards for the Creative Industries here:


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