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    Want Information on Getting into or onto TV? Here’s where to find it…

    First time on this web site? Not sure where to start looking on this TV blog or simply drowning in the plethora of articles and categories? There is a menu at the top of the page and a list of categories in the sidebar so check those out for some clues.   If you are […]

  • Marlene Neumann

    How to be an ‘authentic’ storyteller in the media.

    The joy of modern media is the opportunity it gives to everyone to spread their message, whatever that message may be. There is nothing to stop any of you picking up a camera and making your own media.  In these unsettled times, when governments are discussing how to monitor and manage the negative messages a […]

  • Adcan

    Could You Make a Winning Short Film?

    The fourth instalment of The ADCAN Awards has been announced and the competition is set to go global with the final of the competition now taking place in Los Angeles.   The free-to-enter competition invites unsigned creative, filmmakers and animators from across the globe to select a brief of their choice from one six the charities, […]

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    What’s Going on During Pre-Production?

    What’s (really) going on during pre-production? First off all the company needs hands to execute the TV production. Almost the entire crew is freelancers, and reach over 100 people at any given time. In this post, at first we concentrate on just a couple of them. In the preparation phase, also called Pre-production, the TV […]

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    Working with Children in TV? Read this first!!

    You know what they say about working with children and animals? Well the chaos they may cause is nothing compared to the nightmare that will ensue if you are not aware of the current rules and regulations surrounding working with children (and animals!). We’re concentrating on the two-legged animals in this post – those lovely, […]

  • TV Experts Wanted

          If you have an expertise of any kind there is always a good chance there is a TV programme in need of that expertise.  A good TV expert simply needs to be able to explain their subject area in ways the average, non-academic audience can understand.  Professor Brian Cox is a good […]

  • superstars

    Applications Open for Broadcast & Production Traineeship

    IMG Productions, makers of Superstars and The World’s Strongest Man, amongst many other programmes, is currently taking applications for a 12 month traineeship that pays £20,000 over the year. You’d get on the job training from experienced production personnel and a chance to get your foot firmly in the door of television.   Please note […]

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  • How to Pitch Stories, Make Contacts & Find Work as a Journalist

    Having a profile as a journalist or writer with strong ideas is a great way to qualify for entry into TV. Whether you want to work in TV or write for print publications then brushing up on your writing skills is essential.  More importantly you need to know how to sell a story to editors and […]

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    How to Sell Yourself as a TV Expert or Presenter

    JOIN OUR LATEST SEMINAR ON HOW TO DEVELOP AND PITCH IDEAS FOR TV CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS June 30th 2016  in  London *** How to Sell Yourself as a TV Expert or Presenter – Join Our Seminar on March 31st 2016!  Small seminar Practical advice  Highly experienced and qualified speakers March 31st 2016 – Soho, […]

  • twofour

    New TV Show Looking for Contributors

    Are you interested in contributing to a new TV programme about health?  If so read on:   Twofour, the makers of ‘Educating Yorkshire’ and ‘The Fixer’ are looking for a family who want the doctor’s help to tackle all their aliments and illnesses. All emails and calls will be treated in strict confidence and there […]

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  • BBC Family Health Flyer

    TV Producers looking for participants in new Health Programme

    Do you have an ongoing health condition and interested in discussing it on TV with the help of doctors?   TV Production company, Studio Lambert, the makers of BAFTA Award winning Gogglebox and Undercover Boss are now producing a brand new family health television series for BBC One which will  follow a GP as they immerse themselves into the […]

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  • network


    Applications for The Network –  a fantabulous yearly opportunity for entry-level media applicants – are still open and close 4 May 2015. The Network is the most prestigious and comprehensive introduction to TV in the UK, run by the Edinburgh International TV Festival. If you are looking to get into TV or are studying Media then this […]

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  • citv

    How to Find Work as a Graphic Designer in TV

    So how do you make the break into working in TV as a Graphic Designer? A group of enterprising media enthusiasts got in touch with me with a copy of the film they had made addressing just that question. They interviewed Nicholas Walsh who is currently a Junior Graphics Designer for CITV – the Children’s […]

  • edit_suite

    A Video Guide to the Role of a Post Production Runner

    What better way to find out what a TV post production runner does than go watch one in action, and what better way to illustrate the job than to put it on video.   My mate Mark Sangster, top editor and a director at Editworks, one of London’s top post production houses, kindly let us into their busy centre […]

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    How YouTube Made Chris a TV Star

    Chris Cohen is a presenter and comedian who credits YouTube for getting him where he is today. Apart from that, he and Justin Bieber have nothing in common! If you fancy your chances with an on-screen role in TV or even if you want to understand how the internet can help you make your mark […]

  • What to do with your Brilliant TV Idea

      Do you have a great idea for a new TV programme? You are not alone. There are very many of us with brilliant ideas convinced they are destined to a great – and profitable – future. However getting your idea sold to a TV broadcaster is about as easy as getting a publisher to accept your first manuscript! […]

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    How to Get Your Business in the Press – For Free!

    If you are a small business or start-up then you may find radio presenter Veena’s latest venture Mum To Millionaire useful.  Veena is a mum herself with lots of ideas and a passion for setting them up and making them happen. She asked me to contribute to her podcast series which provides advice for people […]

  • Two Exciting Job Opportunities In TV…

    There are two exciting opportunities up for grabs at the moment in the UK – one for those with a disability and the other for new entrants looking for a creative internship. DEVELOPMENT INTERNSHIP Potato (ITV Studios) is offering a brand new internship scheme in their development team. Potato has an impressive slate of successful […]

  • Louise McNamara

    How a TV Runner made it to TV Researcher

    Back by popular demand – Louise McNamara, author of one of our most popular posts, The Real Life of a TV Runner, with an update! Louise wrote very frankly about the reality of life as a TV runner and many people identified with her struggle to find work and a reasonable income as a recent entrant to […]

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    TOP TEN REASONS WHY YOU WON’T GET A REPLY TO YOUR TV JOB APPLICATION “It really saps my morale and sometimes I can get quite upset about it. Am I of no value to anyone out there? I could send dozens of emails in a week and the silence is deafening”.  So says one very […]

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    What do TV Employers Look for in a TV CV? Part 1

      The great ‘How To Write Your TV CV Debate’ continues! I know what I respond to when skimming through CVs for TV jobs but it seems there is conflicting advice out there, so we sent ace-reporter and crowd-sourcing supremo, Chris Dodd out to do some real research.  The full results will get to you via […]

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    “You have 20 seconds to comply!” Why Compliance is Compulsory in TV.

    So you want a job in television but I’m guessing you’ve never considered a role in compliance. What is compliance? Ah – well it’s one of the things that worry broadcasters and productions the most. Misunderstanding compliance can get you into serious problems on a television production. It’s an area of television that’s about as […]

  • making tea

    Things you REALLY need to know about being a Runner in TV

    If you are a runner or entry-level then we have FIVE FREE TICKETS to our fund-raising evening of TV Gossip, Comedy and Networking on the evening of June 12 in Soho, London. See below for details and a special discount for runners and entry-level.   Who’d be a runner in TV?   Yes, I know lots of […]

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    Testing user portfolio2

    This is the excpert for this testing post

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    How to Get a Feature onto Daytime Television

    So you do not necessarily want a job in television but you are keen to get a story, feature, book, product or person on the screen.   The following is a guide based on my experience as an Editor on a live daytime television channel and therefore focuses specifically on placing features on similar shows. […]

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  • New Product

    Ten Top Tips on How to Sell Yourself to a TV Employer

    Ten Top Tips on How to Sell Yourself to a TV Employer Attending the Boldface Productions’ networking event recently confirmed that many people looking to break into the media want advice on how to sell themselves to potential TV employers. There is advice elsewhere on this site and in my ebook ‘An Expert’s Guide to […]

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    So You Want to Set Up Your Own TV Independent Production Company?

    So you have years of TV production experience behind you, you are full of bright ideas, got some contacts in television commissioning and decided it’s time to branch out on your own. Independent Production Company here I come – along with fame and fortune, or at least fortune.  You get to keep the production fee […]

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    How to Make an Impact at TV Audition or Interview

    Here it is – as promised – part two of successful author, hypnotherapist and Life Coach, Annie Ashdown’s guide to making a strong presentation at those all important television 0r film auditions or job interviews.  You can read part one HERE. Over to Annie:   Ok, so here’s the thing.. Imagine your big moment has […]

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    Why Annie didn’t let the bullies put her off her dream of a TV career…

    It can be a hard slog developing a career in front of the camera as a TV presenter or expert and there is one person you ABSOLUTELY need on your side if you are to succeed – yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself you can hardly expect anyone else to.  There are always obstacles […]

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    Happy Anniversary, ITV Weather!

    Sian Lloyd, one of the nation’s favourite television weather reporters, gives this account of 25 years of ITV weather:   “We’ve been putting out the bunting and popping the champagne corks at our Weather Studio. Yes, the ITV National Weather service has reached the grand old age of twenty five. There’s back patting a plenty […]

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  • When Television Met Theatre….

    Creativity is the lifeblood of television – indeed any media.  You know how much we love a brilliant idea around here! In this fascinating internet age the walls between different genres of media are breaking down and there is nothing more satisfying than to meet a team of people who are fully exploiting those creatives […]

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  • From TV Professional to Chocolatier – There IS a Life Beyond TV Work!

    A career in television is fascinating, exciting and entirely fickle! The freelance TV job market goes from feast to famine; if you take time out for any reason you’re forgotten or left behind technically; get older and you’ll find the phone calls drying up!  Oh – and let’s not forget the exceedingly long hours and […]

  • 1181053_RossNoble_Freewheeling_3


    What do you really think about British TV today?  Brave, creative, breaking boundaries? Or dull, repetitive and safe? I was senior manager at ITV just as the multi-channel environment and onslaught of Internet media was threatening the figures – both financial and viewing – of mainstream British broadcasters. As always when innovation arrives it’s the […]

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  • Fab Impact long logo

    Why you need Confidence to Work in TV (part 2)

    It was ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent that inspired the first discussion of why confidence is so important for those wanting to work – or already working – in TV. The current X-Factor series prompts part two with a lesson in building confidence from an expert – inspirational speaker, executive coach and author, Nicci Roscoe.   […]

  • tv-production-buget

    So What does a Production Manager do in Television?

    So you fancy a job as a Production Manager in television? Then you need to know what it’s all about. The PM is – in my opinion – the  hub of the production and I don’t envy the balance they have to achieve between facilitating the creative ideas (“I need a helicopter for the establishing […]

  • How to Find TV Work in UK When Your TV Credits are Foreign

    There is a common theme amongst emails I receive asking for advice. One of them concerns the question of how you get a job in the UK when your CV contains only (or largely) experience from abroad. Can you break into the British workplace when your television background contains no credits or work experience in […]

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    Useful contacts for those looking for TV & Film companies with links to India, including location services, producers and Bollywood consultants.  There is no guarantee that these contacts are up to date.  If you want advice on how to find TV work in the UK when your CV is largely from abroad then check out […]

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  • IMG_0522

    How to Avoid Having Your TV Idea Rejected

    A spate of emails asking advice on what to do with an idea for a TV show motivates this latest article – that and the fact that I have been woefully quiet around here! There are already some articles on this subject under the category Ideas & Development, including articles on how to protect your […]

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  • exploeded

    Get Interesting Stories onto TV – Making Documentaries with a Difference.

    Making TV is all about creativity – plus someone who can organise the ideas and put the practicalities into place to get it to screen – not all creatives can do that. Those that struggle with the practical need to join forces with a business-minded friend/colleague. Anyway the marriage of creativity and business is a […]

  • Presenter Application – Terms & Conditions Presenter Applications Details and Terms & Conditions   To apply you must be over 18 years of age. Your application should include a copy of your CV or a biography, your contact details and a short account of why you feel you are suited to the role. Any material/videos should be your own work […]

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    So You Want To Work in TV Audio or Radio?

    Do you work in audio in TV or radio or interested in pursuing that line of work in the media? Then you may be interested in the work of Sound Women, a network of over 900 inspirational women working in audio.  If you’re male stay tuned – there are useful tips for you too!   […]

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  • 1211realitytv

    How to Get a TV Exec to Commission Your Reality TV Idea

    I get a lot of questions about how to pitch new television programme ideas so when Mark Marinaccio got in touch to ask if we’d like some information on pitching reality TV ideas, I grabbed the opportunity to pass on the benefit of his experience. Mark Marinaccio is an Executive Producer, Creator and Showrunner (American […]

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  • Network

    How Therese Won a Place on TV’s Most Important Networking Event

    It’s that time of year again and time for applications to The Network. The Network is a FREE intensive introduction to working in the TV industry, run by the world’s leading TV festival The Media Guardian Edinburgh International TV Festival . Get one of the 65 places on The Network and you’ll spend 4 days […]

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  • Mumazine-colour-logo2

    What Does a TV Presenter Do Between Jobs…?

    … create their own media, of course!   Working in TV is fun but very fickle, as anyone currently in between jobs and worrying about where the next one is coming from will know! My advice has always been to spend those dry times working on your own ideas, your own media or art. Not […]

  • Colin Rogal on Camera

    How to get a foot in the door of TV Camera work

    So you want to be a TV cameraperson? Then what you need is advice from a professional camera operator with a long track record in television. Colin Rogal is a very experienced and successful TV cameraman who has worked on many excellent TV shows, from C4 Dispatches to BBC’s Horizon, from drama and documentary to […]

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  • Should You Ever Give Up on Your Dream (To Work in TV)?

    My sister watched her husband die this month. Such moments get you thinking about death and of course it’s precursor – LIFE. Excuse the dark opening to this post but death is one of the most effective ways to make you stop and consider where your life is leading and what you want from it. […]

  • 562464-565156-human-hand-holding-home-video-camera

    Free Video Training & Work Experience

    Are you aged 18 – 25, unemployed and looking to get some hands-on experience and training in video production? Then this programme may be of interest to you – and it’s FREE. The deadline is Monday January 14th so if you’re keen you need to apply NOW. The programme offers TV production training and work […]

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  • Happy_new_year_Hd_Wallappers_5

    New Year – New TV Opportunities

    Happy New Year – and may it bring whatever opportunities you desire in the world of TV and creative media! Talking of opportunities, I thought we should start the year by highlighting a few – for both the experienced producer and director and those looking for work placements, plus a chance to win Amazon vouchers […]

  • typing

    Can Blogging Help You to Get into TV?

    Are writing skills valuable if you want to work in TV? You betcha! Not only are writing skills useful in many aspects of TV work but they may help you to get TV work in the first place  A badly written CV and covering email could finish your chances of even getting on the first rung. […]

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  • Phillip Schofield

    Phillip Schofield, David Cameron and THAT List

    Otherwise entitled, The Production, The Presenter & The Press Part 2   (part one is here!).   Was Phillip Schofield to blame for the way in which ITV’s This Morning programme handled the interview with Prime Minister David Cameron? I won’t rehash the details – they are available all over the Internet if you want to […]

  • David Cameron on This Morning

    How This Morning ‘ambushed’ David Cameron

    It’s all over the online news – and will be all over the headlines tomorrow – Phillip Schofield handed prime minster David Cameron a list of suspected Tory paedophiles during a live interview on ITV’s daytime show “This Morning”. With the Jimmy Savile investigation in full swing, the show was following up rumours that senior […]

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  • cardboard

    Small Piece of Cardboard makes over £155,000 on Ebay!!

    This morning I published a graphic bemoaning the time we waste on social media to the detriment of productivity. This evening I offer you an example of how social media can be far more productive than any other kind of marketing!   Following my blog post I got into a Twitter conversation with Julia McGill who told me of her […]

  • Are You Wasting Your Work Time on Social Media?

    Social media, eh… Where would we be without it?   And what a great resource it is for TV work – finding case studies, jobs, stories and the rest of it.  Most TV employers are very relaxed about employees using social media. You are after all working in a media environment.  Of course social media can get you […]

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  • How To Sell Your TV Show Ideas

      JOIN OUR LATEST SEMINAR ON HOW TO DEVELOP AND PITCH IDEAS FOR TV CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS June 30th 2016  in  London ***   How to present ideas for television is another frequently asked question around here. Having an idea for TV is only a fraction of the battle – developing it into a workable format, […]

  • nicole-fairfield_GZOOM

    Making a Career Change from HR to TV

    Making a career change into TV is a subject that often comes up in Q&As about getting into the media. The good news is that I’ve heard several stories of people doing it very successfully. One of our gang the wonderful Wonder of a Weazel, otherwise known as Lou Gallagher, told us her story on […]

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  • A Disability Won’t Stop Nikki Realising Her TV Dream!

    Continuing the topic of working with a disability in TV a warm welcome to Nikki Fox who knows a lot about just that. She’s written her own post so I’ll simply hand you over! Nikki Fox is a reporter/producer who has worked in TV and radio for six years. Starting out as a junior researcher […]

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  • bbc-logo

    Could You Be A Female Expert on TV?….

      Could You Be A Female Expert on TV?….…not if you are male – obviously…! The BBC Academy, which offers training and development in the broadcast industry, is setting up a special FREE training day for female experts who are interested in presenting on TV, radio or online. Television producers are often on the look-out for experts in […]

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  • 562464-565156-human-hand-holding-home-video-camera


    Let’s talk video. Everyone’s at it and you certainly should be if you are studying, loving, working in TV!  Making films for your own website, for YouTube or anywhere for that matter is a great way to practise your media-making skills and advertise them. One of our gang, Ash Bhardwaj, has recently written about the role of YouTube in […]

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  • Little Britain

    Is it harder to get work in TV with an ‘invisible’ disability rather than a visible one?

     Would you employ someone on your fast-moving TV production who had a disability? Yes, you cry, of course! Wheelchair access no problem.  But what if that disability were less obvious – something that caused the potential employee to get easily tired, maybe unable to complete a task within the unrealistic deadline that many TV projects have? Well I’ve had […]

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  • Quizmania Presenting Team


      As promised, following our highly successful TV Presenters evening – The Agent, The Producer & The Commissioner – some Top Tips for those who couldn’t make it. Yes we are planning more so watch this space for details. TOP TEN TIP FOR TV PRESENTERS   Get yourself a point of difference – a USP […]

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  • documentary

    TV Producers: WIN Cash to Develop & Pitch your Factual Series Idea

    Are you a a television producer with a strong idea that just know would make a wonderful  factual series with global appeal?  Then this may be of interest to you – a chance to win £2500 towards developing and pitching it. There is only a week left until the deadline for your initial pitch document so you’d have to put your […]

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  • Rough & Smooth filming

    Excellent Advice for TV Presenters @ #TVPresenters Evening

    So You Want To Work in Television’s very first seminar/networking event last week appeared to go down very well. A dark and decadent bar in deepest Soho was alight with TV talent and the speakers told it how it really is!  Former Commissioning Editor at Living and Sky, and current Head of Entertainment, Factual & […]

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  • skillset-logo-01a


    Calling all experienced TV & Film Production People.   (Yes I know I said I was shutting down in August but this needs your attention NOW!) Your help is needed by the people responsible for setting the standards of qualifications and jobs in TV & Film. Skillset, the industry body which supports skills and training for people and businesses in the UK creative industries, […]

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  • Happy Holidays!

    … and sympathy to anyone NOT getting a holiday this summer, but as someone on Twitter said, if you’re not getting a holiday because you’re working – at least you’ve got a job! This site is powering down during the month of August, partly because I am on the road and homeless while building work […]

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  • TV Networking Event in August

    A quick mention for a TV networking event that may be of interest. It’s being held in London by  ‘Telly Talk London’ to raise money for charity whilst also celebrating the television industry. It aims to cover such topics as How does the industry work? How do you get a foot in the door? How do you […]

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  • Seville, Spain

    Do You Fancy a Funded Media Internship in Spain?

    How do you fancy a funded work placement/ internship in Seville, Spain?   You’d be working with a creative company in the area of media, web or design. And you’d be in SPAIN for 13 weeks, learning, soaking up the culture, getting experience, with your accommodation paid. Sounds like a great gig to me!!  Sound familiar? Well […]

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  • wildlife film2

    How To Get Into Wildlife TV Filming

    Some time ago one of our blog or Twitter followers asked about wildlife programming and what a producer did in that type of TV production – sorry, I forget who it is was!  Anyway we went in search of an answer and found Mike Linley at Wildeye – an international school of wildlife filming. Mike […]

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  • twitter-icon

    How Twitter Cost Me a Great Job in TV

    Using social media to promote yourself in TV is essential. It is a fabulous resource for that all-important networking process – but it can backfire! Lou Gallagher is a familiar contributor to this blog. She wrote about her desire to change careers from the charity sector into TV and then wrote about her success in […]

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  • Sharon Marshal, Super Soap Star

    From Tabloid Girl to TV Presenter – How Journalism Made Sharon a TV Star.

      So you want to be a TV reporter or presenter? I get so many questions asking for advice on this subject and the next two articles come from two different people who have succeeded in their field by following two very different routes. If you are not already signed up to get these articles […]

  • jubilee flags


    I could rant. I could jump on the BBC-bashing bandwagon but that would be too easy. Let’s instead offer up Ten Top TV Lessons to Learn From the BBC’s Production of The Biggest River Pageant Since 1662. So much more positive and constructive!    A Presenter is only as good as the Producer/Production put behind […]

  • cinefringe2


      OK film-makers, budding directors, experienced directors and the rest of you – it’s time to get that short film of yours out, or to make it now.  There’s a free to enter short film competition on the go and the deadline is JUNE 8th 2012 – so not much time left if you plan […]

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  • slimmer charlie crop

    How Charlie Saved His Own Life by Appearing on TV

    One of the things about working in television is the opportunity to make positive changes through telling strong stories. There are far too many examples of TV exploiting vulnerable people but there are also times when sensitively handled productions can do great good. One such positive story is that of Charlie Walduck. He weighed a […]

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  • Angela & Friends (18)

    So You Want to Work in TV Design…

    If you are interested in a career in Design in TV then you must check out this from the BBC on their website: “The BBC Design Trainee Scheme supports the development of new entrant design skills in costume, make-up, interactive design and the art department. BBC Design Trainees represent some of the best new design talent in […]

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  • Olden TV days (4)

    The Reality of Finding Presenting Work in TV

      Graham Bannerman is a presenter and a voiceover artist but he’s also been a TV agent. Having worked both sides of that particular talent coin he has a unique perspective on the world of TV presenting. Graham kindly agreed to answer our questions:   How did you get into the media in the first […]

  • Christmas Decoration

    Get Noticed as a Rising Talent in TV!

    Have you been working in TV for between 3-5 years? Are you a rising star in the TV world? Are you destined to be the next Channel Controller or Creative Head? Or do you know someone that is? Perhaps you are more senior and know someone who has ambition and the talent to go with it that […]

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  • Jonathan Antoine, BGT

    Why You Need Confidence to Work in TV

    Britain’s Got Talent’s Jonathan Antoine, opera singer extraordinaire has won something far more important than first place in the UK’s favourite talent show.  Losing to a dog should not bother him one iota.  The bigger prize that Jonathan has won is confidence and with that attribute the world is his oyster. Without confidence you will […]

  • talking

    FREE, informal TV Networking Event

    *** THIS EVENT IS NOW FULL UP*** Sure there’ll be another coming along soon….     One of the stars of this blog, Louise Gallagher – whose story can be found here – has arranged an informal networking event in central London this Thursday evening May 10th (yes, tomorrow!).  It’s a great opportunity to meet […]

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  • So What Does a TV Production Secretary Do?

    So what does the role of Production Secretary in TV entail? It can be a useful point of entry into the media for an organised person. It is a common route into Production Coordinator and then upwards to Production Management but even if that is not the career route you are aiming for it’s an invaluable insight in to how a production is […]

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  • Angela Studio

    FREE training in Film-Making Skills

    With the plethora of costly courses on offer in the media industry it is a pleasure to bring information about a charity which provides young people with free training to develop technical, creative and personal skills through film-making. BoldFace Productions are part of CTVC, an award winning British Media company producing television, radio and new media […]

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  • Samantha Brick

    Samantha Brick and a Tale of Shoddy Journalism

    Samantha Brick, TV producer and journalist, writes a feature for the Daily Mail entitled ‘Why Do Women Hate Me For Being Beautiful?’ A headline ideally suited to the Daily Mail agenda. It’s easy journalism too – write about yourself and there’s no need to do any research for the story. Some deemed it a journalistic […]

    in Factual TV, Press, Photo & PR, Topical comment on April 6, 2012 Comments 20
  • Nick Darke in his front garden

    Keen Screenwriters Take Note…

    Are you interested in screenwriting? Then a couple of bits of news that may be useful to you:   Screenwriting Competition The School of Media & Performance  at Falmouth is pleased to announce the opening of this year’s Nick Darke Award. The award will continue to celebrate the best writing for stage, screen and radio with […]

    in Miscellaneous, Writing roles in TV on April 5, 2012 Comments 2

    Paid Social Media Intern Position Available

      Are you looking for a paid intern position in the media? Then maybe this one is for you. Hitv needs a Social Media Intern part time to help promote their channel.   Hitv is an African Channel broadcast on SKY 204. It’s an entertainment channel which promotes mainly Nigerian culture and lifestyle but tend to be more […]

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  • Seville, Spain

    Media Internship/Work Placement Up For Grabs in Spain for the Summer!

    How do you fancy a funded work placement/ internship in Seville, Spain?   You’d be working with a creative company in the area of media, web or design. And you’d be in SPAIN for 13 weeks, learning, soaking up the culture, getting experience, with your accommodation paid. Sounds like a great gig to me!! The application deadline […]

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  • Quizmania Presenting Team

    How to be a Success in TV – From Work Experience to Presenter to Media Mogul!

      If you want to work in TV, whether behind the camera or in front of it, Debbie King’s story will provide plenty of food for thought. Debbie’s career has covered a whole range of TV roles including her main passion, presenting. We like to tell it how it really is on this site and […]

  • TM-studio-work-in-tv1-1024x284

    WIN free consultancy with Top Media Professionals & TV Experts

    Would you like a one-to-one consultancy with me, or  a top drama/comedy producer, a highly experienced agent or a post production genius? Maybe you are well experienced yourself in the media but wouldn’t say no to a free make up consultation and makeover with one of the country’s top celebrity make up artists or a […]

  • So You Want a Job Booking Celebrities onto TV Shows?

    One of the most glamorous-sounding roles in television production behind the cameras has surely got to be the Celebrity Producer. Someone who’s job it is to find, liase with, book, brief and look after the celebrity guests on a TV show. But is it really as showbizzy and exciting as it sounds? A Celebrity Booker, or the […]

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  • Stop Stealing my TV Ideas!

    So – you’ve got a brilliant idea and you want to make sure no-one steals it off you. That’s the hard part. Now, first of all you need to understand that there is a chance that someone already has a similar idea in development. Anyone who has regularly pitched proposals for TV shows will have […]

    in Ideas & Development in TV on March 15, 2012 Comments 2
  • AD WEDEX 2

    From Podium Dancer to TV Presenter: A ‘Gay Wedding’ Planner’s Story

      So how did Anthony Miller go from podium dancer to TV presenter and expert? The hard way. Anthony’s story is a great example of how hard and unpredictable TV work can be but also an entertaining account of how sheer perseverance can sometimes get results. He’s tried it all – presenting, TV expert, developing and pitching TV […]

  • amazon-kindle_with_books1

    How to Publish Your Own eBook

    HOW YOU CAN PUBLISH YOUR OWN EBOOK   Want to write a book or written one and wondering how to get it published? Do it yourself is the mantra of the new technological age. We can discuss whether opening up the publishing platform to every Tom, Dick and Harry is a good thing or simply […]

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  • mgeitf

    Grab The BEST TV Networking Opportunity Ever!

    If you have any interest in working in TV then you’ll probably know about the Edinburgh Festival – not just a riot of comedy, entertainment and innovative shows in the main festival but also a meeting of the great and the good of television. The TV part of the festival is a yearly event at […]

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  • angela header

    My First eBook!

    Yes I finally did it. Put my money (well, put my time & stress!) where my mouth is. Regular readers will know how passionate I am about getting out there and just ‘doing it’. If you want to develop your media skills you have to practise them and the Internet is just such a fantastic […]

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  • cook expert

    How to Develop a Profile as a TV Expert or Presenter with a Passion

    Get a hefty £20 discount on our seminar coming up on March 17th in London with two top TV producers: HOW TO PITCH YOURSELF AS A TV EXPERT   Do you think you could be a TV expert? Are you a potential TV presenter with a particular interest or speciality? Would you like some help […]

  • Ash Bhardwaj

    Getting Started in a Media Career – The Reality.

    Getting started with a media career is no easy feat, as most of you already know. But do your homework, feel the passion, and WORK at it and you have every chance of success.  As we have said here before, while you are trying to break in to TV you need to be developing your TV skills […]

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  • PeterOakley_1899301b

    The Art of Telling Stories (and why you don’t need TV to tell ’em!)

    How to Tell Stories. With the theme of writing for TV this week we’ve covered the art of writing stories (screenwriting) and how to find stories (journalism) but today Chris Dodd tells us a Story about a Storyteller and explains how telling stories can get you a head start in TV.     If you’ve ever looked […]

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  • Alison Smith-Squires

    How to Find a Good Story – & Get It on TV

    Good television is all about finding – and telling – good stories. Apart from understanding the art of making video you also need to develop good writing skills for many jobs in television. Our last post focused on excellent advice from an experienced  TV screenwriter but what about the factual entertainment side of TV production?  Many factual and multi-item TV programmes eat […]

  • So you want to be a TV Screenwriter?

      So you want to write for television or film? Then you need advice from an experienced and successful screenwriter. Philip Gladwin is that man! Phil has been a screenwriter for over 25 years , writing for such high profiles TV shows as ‘Casualty’, ‘The Bill’, ‘Holby City’ and many more BBC and ITV shows.  […]

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  • Rough & Smooth filming

    What a Runner does in the TV Location Department

    Most entry level applicants in TV will be looking for a runner’s job. There are a variety of different types of running jobs, most obviously those working in a studio, those working on location and those working in the office. Ryan Flynn tells us what it’s like working in the Location Department of TV:   What do you do? I am […]

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  • A lesson in looking after guests on TV & Radio

    After reading a previous post about dealing with the myriad problems that pop up when working in TV, writer Jean Buchanan sent me this true story. It is such a great illustration of how best to help an anxious guest that I asked to share it with you all. If you are a runner, a researcher – in fact anyone who may find […]

  • Dolly Parton with Miceal

    Want to be a TV Presenter? Try Shopping Around for a TV Job…

    If you dream of presenting on TV then you probably imagine Philip Schofield’s job or presiding over a prime time entertainment show, maybe presenting a hard-hitting factual series? Chances are you are not holding out for the job of presenting on a shopping channel. However such a presenting job  is more challenging than any high profile TV show. Presenter […]

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  • problem-free

    How to Make the Most of Problems in TV

    There will always be problems – especially when making television. Life is full of problems and they never stop coming so get used to it! Knowing how to approach problems and go about solving them is a key skill in television production. Here’s how to make the most of problems in TV: A problem is […]

    in Develop Your TV Skills, Do's & Don't of TV Production on February 2, 2012 Comments 4

    PLEASE IGNORE THE POST THAT SUGGESTED YOU HAD PAID FOR SOMETHING VIA PAYPAL.  YOU HAVE NOT!   That message should never have been broadcast. It is a web page meant only for people who have purchased a service from the site.   My profuse apologies!   Very best Shu  

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  • ham and salad sandwich

    If you can make a sandwich you can make TV!

    What do television employers look for in a new recruit? Well much the same as sandwich chain Pret a Manger look for in theirs! Pret has been in the news charged with employing foreigners at the expense of local home-grown British applicants. Let’s not get into that debate but let’s identify what makes a new […]

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  • Jon Roseman

    The Real Life of a Showbiz Agent – Can You Take the Truth?

    If you want to get work on screen in TV as a presenter, host or TV expert then you are no doubt wishing you could find a good agent. Today’s post is written by TV agent, Jon Roseman, who has represented the likes of Kate Garraway, Natasha Kaplinsky and Fern Britton. Getting an agent is […]

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  • Cai Morgan

    How a 15 Year Old Made His Way into a TV Presenting Job.

    Presenting on TV is a goal for many people and it can be a very  hard road to travel as talented and experienced presenter Greg Scott has explained more than once on this site. There are many routes into TV presenting and some people work at it for years before getting their foot in the door. There are […]

    in Presenting on Television, Your TV Stories on January 17, 2012 Comments 2
  • Group4bw

    Need Music for TV? Then You Need a Music Library.

    So you want some great music to add to your TV programme but wondering where to find it. As we mentioned in part one of this series of articles on music in TV there are many good music libraries who provide music of all genres and style, legally cleared for use on TV and for […]

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  • Diversity

    How to Make Music for Popular TV Shows

    Continuing our series on using music in TV (and film, the web & etc), we hear from Intricuts, a music producing, editing & composing company set us as a partnership between Fraser Bennett and Mathieu Karsenti. They have worked on shows such as Sky’s successful Got To Dance, ITV’s Take Me Out and have worked closely with reknowed […]

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  • Things You Absolutely Need to Know About Using Music for TV, Films & Web

     Using music in TV programmes is one of life’s great pleasures.  Music can make or break a film or TV show. The wrong music can bring an otherwise good piece of television down, but the right music can dramatically enhance your message. Music creates moods, provides energy and can even tell a story – it […]

    in Music in TV on January 9, 2012 Comments 4
  • Trish Bertram


    Trish Bertram is one of THE best “voices” in the TV business. She is also a good friend and you are about to get the privilege of hearing her words of wisdom on the subject of being a continuity announcer. Trish knows her side of the business inside and out so if you’ve ever wondered […]

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  • Reading

    How to Kick Start a Creative New Year

    Buy a book to kick start a creative new Year! Don’t worry – this isn’t turning into a book review site (tempting though that idea is) but a book can change your life and we want this to be a life-changing year, don’t we? It was a book that made me launch this website. People […]

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  • Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland

    Looking for TV work in Northern Ireland (or any other part of the UK)?

    Sometimes it must feel like all the best TV jobs are in London and it is true to say that it is a thriving hub of media production but it just takes a bit of research to dig out media employers in other parts of the UK (and indeed the world!).   We’ve had a couple of […]

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  • hitman & her

    My Life in TV Ch 9: Floor Managing, Pop Music Moguls & TV Chaos

    The continuing saga of my life in television (and what I learnt from it…) Still in Rathbone Place, behind London’s Oxford Street, securely nestled between The Bricklayers and The Wheatsheaf pubs, the drinking, television production and media education continues. Employed by Music Box, making pop music programmes, I volunteer my services for a new commission […]

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  • 200452424-001

    How to Improve your Job Application Skills

    Jobs are hard to get these days – for everyone, not just those of you looking for jobs in TV. You need to ensure the way you apply is as good as it can be. If your new-year resolution is to improve your application skills then here’s some useful advice, courtesy of the experts at […]

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  • Nino Firetto - 80's style!

    What Happens When You Fall Out of Favour in TV?

    The world of television is fickle, insecure and exciting. If you think it’s hard getting into television production then spare a thought for those trying to get a job presenting on camera. Getting to be a TV presenter is one thing, staying in that line of work is quite another. One day you’re hot, then next day […]

    in Presenting on Television on December 19, 2011 Comments 2
  • Green Green Grass, BBC

    How to be a TV Scriptwriter

    So you want to be a TV scriptwriter? Then you need to hear from someone who’s been there and doing that. Dave Cantor writes scripts for television. His credits include such BBC sitcom heavyweights as Green, Green Grass and My Family. Dave worked with the great television scriptwriter, John Sullivan, creator of Only Fools and Horses, before […]

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  • Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google

    Are you part of the Media Revolution?

    Warming to my theme as I am on the subject of the media revolution, here’s something you really need to check out. It’s Eric Schmidt, Executive chairman of Google giving the MacTaggart Lecture address to the Edinburgh Festival. The MacTaggart lecture is the  highlight of the Edinburgh Festival, nearly always given by a bigwig from the world of television  – […]

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  • Set Design banner v4

    How to Get a Job in a TV Art Department

    Jonathon Green is a very experienced Production Designer whose credits range from Daybreak and Watchdog to Green Wing and The Chase. Jonathan is obviously a man who knows all about designing the look of a TV programme and he kindly agreed to share his advice to anyone interested in a job in a TV Art Department. […]

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  • news_news_televisual-logo

    Who are the Top 100 Independent TV Companies?

    If you are looking for a job in television, whether a first job or a subsequent one, then best you get to know the various TV employers out there and what they are doing. There are various lists of broadcasters and independent TV companies, including a selection in my Useful Links, but for a full list of the Top 100 then […]

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  • Kevin Lloyd, Actor

    The Highs and Lows of being a TV Press Officer

    Nuala Giblin is a television press officer with many years experience on some of our most iconic TV shows, including ITV’s popular police series, ‘The Bill’.  Nuala kindly agreed to tell us her story of dealing with drama, drama queens and death:  My first job in telly was a fluke, as so many things are […]

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  • fern laughing

    A Bit of Friday Fun!

        Yes it’s the end of the working week and time for some light relief. For those haven’t already seen it, take a look at one of the classic (unintentionally) funny moments on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ programme. Our presenters Phillip Schofield and Fern Britton shared a similar – and somewhat schoolboy – sense of humour!  All […]

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  • crowdsourcing-cartoon

    How to Develop Skills for Work in TV

    Following an article about the skills required by employers in the media today, Chris Dodd left a comment to tell us about the value of crowdsourcing and how he was using it to develop his journalism skills. Crowdsourcing – what the heck is that, I asked? Well here I am advocating learning new skills and especially those […]

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  • RTS logo

    Getting a Job in TV after a Career Break

    Recently I was asked to give a talk at a session run by the Royal Television Society on Update TV. The day-long event was focused on people who already had experience in the media but may have taken time out for some reason and needed ideas on what skills they may need to update in […]

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  • A Valuable Lesson on Reality TV Editing

    Yes, it’s Friday so time for another video and yes, I’ve gone for Charlie Booker again. He says it so well…..  

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  • angela st header

    The Importance of WORK in Getting a Job in TV.

    A few days I go I wrote about the Skillset survey on skills in journalism and TV and suggested that if you want to get a job in TV, or polish up on the necessary skills, that you should read it.  Did you? You are forgiven if you skimmed through it – it’s long and […]

    in Develop Your TV Skills on November 23, 2011 Comments 4
  • Russell Grant, Mr TwinkleToes!

    What Makes Russell Grant a Great TV Personality?

      The nation’s darling, astrologer Russell Grant, finally leaves BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. Actually that should read astrologer and entertainer, Russell Grant because he is as much the latter as the former.  I have known Russell for many years, working together on the likes of ITV’s ‘This Morning’, and as far as I am concerned […]

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  • Do You Have the Skills to Work in TV?

    So you want to work in TV but do you have the necessary skills to gain entry?   You may be providing training for those entering the media, but are you giving your students the right sort of education to equip them for the current media workplace?   You work in TV already but did […]

    in Develop Your TV Skills on November 18, 2011 Comments 13
  • TV logo 2

    Looking for contacts in TV Post Production?

      Then you could do worse than check out this new report, featured in Televisual, on the UK’s post production sector: You may not want to plough through the whole report (but then again why not – information is power and it would help you to know what is happening in the market as […]

    in Technical Roles in TV on November 16, 2011 Comments 1
  • TV logo 2

    Want to get your Idea on TV?

      It’s Friday. You are not in the mood for reams of text about the trials of working in TV. You want something informative but entertaining – nothing too long; nothing too heavy. And this is a site about television so we need more video, right? How many of us have an idea we think […]

    in Ideas & Development in TV on November 11, 2011 Comments 2
  • John Scott, TV Stylist

    The Ups & Downs of a TV Fashion Expert

     From major Hollywood films to low-budget daytime television, stylist John Scott has done it all and lives to tell the tale. Many tales in fact! John has downed cocktails with Jackie Collins, spruced up Piece Brosnan, sparred with Eamonn Homes and cuddled Ewan McGregor but what he loves most is helping ordinary men and women […]

  • Rotem Hecht, Composer

    Looking for a Music Composer?

      Rotem Hecht – music composer and sound designer.   Rotem is based in Israel and got in touch to let media folk in the UK know that he is expanding his work overseas. He composes original music for movies, commercials, games, corporate videos etc. I can’t vouch for him personally but his links suggest […]

    in Spotlight on Talent on November 8, 2011 Comments 1
  • TV logo 2

    WANTED: Your patience!

    This is a special message for all you lovely blog readers but especially my founder members – those inspired, talented people who have seen fit to subscribe to regular email updates! Of course there is always room for more inspired, talented subscribers – hence the need for this particular message. We are moving all email subscriptions to email managing […]

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  • So You Want to be a TV Producer?

    Getting into TV is one thing, staying there and working your way up the ladder is another!  A successful TV producer tells us how she did it. Christina Schultz is a producer specialising in food programmes with 11 years experience. She has worked with many broadcasters and independent production companies. Her credits include Saturday Kitchen, […]

    in Production Roles in TV, Your TV Stories on November 7, 2011 Comments 2
  • Coronation St

    TV Coronation Street Goes to the Bank

    Well the day has finally dawned when product placement becomes OK on British TV. So many years spent being drilled on the horrors of product placement – the workshops, the endless repetition of the Ofcom rules, the scare stories of the sky-high fines for falling foul of the boundaries in daytime TV. It has been officially allowed […]

  • John Leslie

    My Life in TV Chapter 8: DJs, VJs and Music TV

    Down the stairs and across the corridor from Super Channel was Music Box, a 24-hour cable and satellite TV channel that broadcast popular music programmes – much like MTV (it was launched only three years after MTV). It was taken over by Richard Branson’s Virgin Vision in 1983. I well remember the day Richard came […]

    in My Life in TV on November 4, 2011 Comments 4
  • In the Media but Out of Work? Try this….

      While you’re looking for that next freelance gig why not do something useful in your spare time (if you have any!) Why sit around worrying about where your next contract is coming from when you could be doing something useful; making new contacts; learning new stuff? I did it and found it a great […]

    in Making TV, Miscellaneous on October 30, 2011 Comments 2
  • bad-boss-2

    Is Your TV Boss a Bully?

    So you want to work in TV; you finally get that dream job; you race eagerly into the office for your first day of making television programmes – and then you have your first meeting with The Boss. But what is your TV boss really like? Inspiring and supportive – or challenging – maybe even […]

    in Your TV Stories on October 25, 2011 Comments 5
  • Louise Gallagher

    Want to Work in TV? Be Inspired by a TV Success Story

    We feature a number of stories from people in the TV business – some trying to get in and others already in and sharing their experiences. Louise Gallagher was one of the early contributors to this site explaining how desperate she was to change careers and move into television. Could she change stream from working […]

    in Your TV Stories on October 23, 2011 Comments 3
  • runner


    Abi, a student of Media Practise, recently asked me how she should go about moving from being an unpaid work experience in television to a paid runner and whether it was possible to do this whilst at university. It was such a good question I reckoned there’d be many of you out there wondering the […]

    in Entry Level Jobs on October 19, 2011 Comments 0
  • TV Work Experience v Exploitation

    When does work experience become exploitation in the TV industry? And when have you done enough work experience in television to warrant applying for your first paying job as runner, or any other entry-level position? This article contains important information for experienced producers and production managers not just for those trying to get into the […]

    in Entry Level Jobs on October 17, 2011 Comments 4
  • Professional Filmmakers Wanted Now

    Are you an experienced TV or film director with a bit of time to do something really useful? Well, the Media Trust needs you. The Media Trust basically puts media people in touch with charities who need help with various things, such as writing press releases, making short promotional films, advising on marketing, selling feature […]

    in Miscellaneous on October 14, 2011 Comments 0
  • How Carys Became a TV Presenter & Voiceover Artist

    So you want to be a television presenter and you’re wondering how to go about it. Well everyone has a different path to their goal in television, some smoother than others (check out Diary of a Thwarted TV Host elsewhere on this site) but hearing how others did it is always useful. Carys Dayne is […]

  • X-Factor Evictions – TV Entertainment or Exploitation?

    There are boundaries as imposed by the regulatory body Ofcom. There is no doubt that all contributors gave ‘informed consent’ – that is they fully understood the nature of the programme, the process of evictions and so on. It’s a competition. Therefore most contestants are going to lose. There was controversy when 16 year old Luke Lucas […]

    in Do's & Don't of TV Production, Making TV on October 10, 2011 Comments 0
  • Diary of a Thwarted TV Host – To Dream the Impossible Dream

    He’s back! The Thwarted TV Host with stories to tell you about the real world of television presenting. He’s doesn’t mince his words (well he does but not when it comes to telling the unvarnished truth!); he holds nothing back. Are you ready for an overdue update from The Diary of a Thwarted TV Host? Then here […]

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  • Steve Jobs – A Man of Ideas

    The death of Steve Jobs, innovator, entrepreneur and genius Apple boss has touched many people who valued not only his ideas but his vision and his ability to communicate them. He’s been quoted on this site before because he manages to inspire with his philosophy on life, work and ideas. His speech to the students of Stanford University is legendary. If you haven’t already […]

    in Ideas & Development in TV on October 6, 2011 Comments 0
  • Leadership

    Training Available for TV Management Coaching.

    There is money around to help fund training and coaching for those working, and managing teams, in television! Why not go see if you can get some of it?! Skillset – which supports skills and training for people and businesses in creative industries such as television – subsidises various training courses and provides bursaries for individuals to reduce […]

    in Miscellaneous on October 5, 2011 Comments 0
  • anjula -publicity shots 028

    TV Expert tells of her ‘Naked Secret’.

    The lovely Anjula Mutanda is a TV psychologist and a great example of how having an expertise can lead to an on-screen role as a TV expert. We worked together on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ where she was our regular psychologist presenting a variety of features, strands and phone-ins on self-help, helping viewers to solve personal […]

    in Presenting on Television, Your TV Stories on October 3, 2011 Comments 6
  • So What does a Stills Photographer do in TV?

    Angus Young is a freelance photographer who started his career in Australia and is now based in London. He specialises in taking film and television publicity still images. I stumbled upon him on Twitter – as you do – and having had a few requests about photography in television  asked if would talk about what […]

    in Press, Photo & PR, Spotlight on Talent on September 30, 2011 Comments 1
  • What will they ask at my interview for a TV job?

    What sort of questions can you expect when you go for your first interview for a job in television? That was the question posed by Tayo via Twitter so I took it upon myself to answer! Now obviously every interviewer is different. It will depend on their background, what role you are applying for, what attributes […]

    in Selling Yourself on September 29, 2011 Comments 4

    If you’ve been following this site you’ll know we’ve been debating the value of a degree when trying to get into television and in particular the value of a media studies versus an academic degree.  Vicky Edmonds got in touch to add her voice to the pro-media studies supporters. Here is her story:  “I wanted to work in television […]

    in Study for TV, Your TV Stories on September 28, 2011 Comments 4
  • elsa sharp

    How to write a CV to get that job in Television

    The very first step in finding that job in television is getting your CV in shape and who better to offer advice on how to do that than experienced recruitment expert, Elsa Sharp. Elsa knows her subject so well she’s written the book on it – ‘How To Get a Job in Television’ which you […]

    in Selling Yourself on September 26, 2011 Comments 7
  • My Life in Television Chapter 7: Launching a New TV Channel

    So far my television career in South Africa had encompassed assistant producing, directing filmed inserts, presenting, floor managing and reading the news on national radio but now that I had returned home to the UK I pretty much had to start all over again. The problem with starting your media education in one country and […]

    in My Life in TV on September 23, 2011 Comments 0
  • How to find a television job in Scotland

    A number of people based in Scotland have been asking for advice on who to approach and where to find work experience or running jobs in television. I confess I don’t personally know many television production companies in Scotland but we’ve done a bit of research and come up with the following useful tip: PACT […]

    in Entry Level Jobs, Selling Yourself on September 21, 2011 Comments 3
  • ITV Runners

    We mentioned the ITV site a while ago for runners and now I spot them on Twitter so well worth a follow if you are on the hunt for runner jobs in television: @running4itv The website is:

    in Miscellaneous on September 19, 2011 Comments 0
  • Sex, Lies and Production Teams

    Mike Tindall,  rugby-playing husband of Zara Phillips, the Queen’s granddaughter, has been in the tabloid press looking overly cosy with a female friend while on tour in New Zealand. On being challenged over his behaviour as a married man, he is alleged to have said ‘”what goes on tour, stays on tour”*. Now there’s a […]

    in Do's & Don't of TV Production, Topical comment on September 19, 2011 Comments 2
  • Are you struggling to make a decision about your career?

    Are you struggling to make a decision about what to do with your life? Go to uni and study media, or not? Get a job now or continue your education? Stay in the industry you started your working life in, or change course now to something you really want to do? Many people are juggling just […]

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  • Greg Scott

    Diary of a Thwarted TV Host

    This is the ultimate but very alternative guide to finding work as a television presenter or host. Introductions first: Greg Scott is a television presenter – and a good one. He first graced this site with a heart-felt rant on the subject of television presenting – and the difficulties in getting an on-screen job. There are so […]

    in Presenting on Television, Spotlight on Talent, Your TV Stories on September 12, 2011 Comments 4
  • Saul Fearnley

    TV Producer Succeeds WITHOUT a Degree!

    Over the past few articles we’ve been debating the various merits of different types of qualifications if you want to get into a television career. Mostly we debated media degree versus an academic subject. The last post came from Dani, a successful producer who explained why she’s glad she did a media studies degree. But maybe you […]

    in Study for TV, Your TV Stories on September 9, 2011 Comments 2
  • Producer speaks up in favour of a Media Studies Degree?

    … the continuing saga of what qualifications give you the best chance of establishing a career in television – we will get onto to other subjects again soon, I promise! Media studies degrees are getting a bad press. Many people surveyed (unscientifically by me!) so far within the industry seem to think you are wasting […]

    in Study for TV, Your TV Stories on September 8, 2011 Comments 5
  • Listen Up – We’re on the BBC!

    Today sees the publication of the BBC College of Production’s latest podcast. The subject is getting into television and yours truly (yes, that’s me!) is on the panel. (When I first published this post I gave you the wrong link but this is now the correct one!) You can hear it all here:

    in Miscellaneous on September 1, 2011 Comments 0
  • Does a Sound Technician in TV need a Degree?

    Sometimes when you find someone has written something really useful, relevant and just what you wanted to say – you may as well steal it!! With the author’s permission, of course…. Jake Knott is a very experienced sound supervisor in TV and he has his own very good blog. He has kindly allowed me to […]

    in Study for TV, Technical Roles in TV on August 31, 2011 Comments 0
  • How to Get a Head Start in the Media while still at College Part 2

    In our last post Jaime Riley wrote about her experience of getting involved in campus television and journalism while at York University studying Linguistics. This is an ideal way to give yourself a head start if you hope to work in the media after your further education. In this second part she offers specific advice to anyone currently embarking on their […]

    in Develop Your TV Skills, Study for TV on August 31, 2011 Comments 0
  • How to Get a Head Start in Media while still at College Part 1

    Jaime Riley is a final year student at The University of York, hoping for a career in television after graduation. She’s been involved in all sorts of media activities whilst at University and has found them to be very useful when applying for jobs and placements. What are you studying at university and why did […]

    in Develop Your TV Skills, Study for TV on August 31, 2011 Comments 1
  • What Qualifications do Television Employers look for?

    Following on from the previous post about the ideal qualifications for getting work in television, we now pass on some information we gleaned from a little poll we conducted recently. Nothing particularly scientific and certainly not wide-ranging but 25 potential employers in the television and recruitment business responded to the following question: Are you more […]

    in Entry Level Jobs, Study for TV on August 27, 2011 Comments 10
  • Do You Need a Degree to Get into Television?

    What better time to consider the role of a degree qualification when looking for jobs in television, and in particular the value of a media studies qualification? A-level results are in; GSCE results are in; the manic dash for university places is well under way ; Education Secretary Michael Gove has announced plans for an […]

    in Study for TV on August 25, 2011 Comments 0
  • Lorna Potgeiter Miss South Africa

    My Life in Television Chapter 6: How I became a Television Presenter

    Getting on the television as a reporter and presenter just seemed to happen. While I was interested in all parts of the media I had never really seen on-screen presenting as my main goal. But given that the inspiration for my life in television came from my high profile television-presenting godmother it was bound to […]

    in My Life in TV on August 23, 2011 Comments 0
  • More Advice for Work Experience & Runners in Television.

    We continue the theme of advice for those looking for and starting their first job in television. Chris Wise, Managing Director of Mandrill Television, is one fabulous, creative successful television executive. He learnt his craft, set up his own production company and makes wonderful television that broadcasters pay for. He also has a great sense […]

    in Entry Level Jobs on August 19, 2011 Comments 0
  • In the Beginning was …. the Work Experience…

    Natasha Jarvis wants to work in television and having recently graduated she is going all out to get that coveted first job.  Like so many others aiming for a career in the media she has been concentrating on supplementing her academic qualifications with practical work experience. Even finding work experience – basically doing work for […]

    in Entry Level Jobs, Your TV Stories on August 17, 2011 Comments 0
  • So What Advice do TV Employers have for Work Experience & Runners?

    These were the questions I posed some experienced and influential employers in television: What is your best piece of advice for people looking for work experience or running jobs in TV? Tell the truth – what puts you off a work experience? What qualities do you look for in a runner? What kind of CVs […]

    in Entry Level Jobs on August 16, 2011 Comments 7
  • Getting that first job in television – and keeping it!

    Most of the questions I get are concerned with getting that first job in television. Getting your foot in the door of a television career is hard – very hard. Unfortunately having a media degree is no guarantee that it will be any easier for you so this advice applies to anyone trying to get […]

    in Develop Your TV Skills, Entry Level Jobs on August 15, 2011 Comments 2
  • Runners wanted for ITV’s Dancing on Ice

    ITV’s ‘Dancing on Ice’ show is looking for runners for location, production and the live show. I know a few of you who would kill for that job! They say previous experience advantageous but not essential. It’s advertised on that excellent jobs site The Unit List: Read the advert carefully and don’t apply unless […]

    in Miscellaneous on August 12, 2011 Comments 4
  • So You Want to be a Television Camera Operator? Part 3 The Female Angle

    So what does a television camera operator do and how do you get to become one? It is still quite a male-dominated area of television – mainly because lugging cameras around can be back-breaking (and I meant that literally – I know several cameraman with bad backs as a result of their work but they started work in the days before Health […]

    in Technical Roles in TV, Your TV Stories on August 8, 2011 Comments 2
  • So You Want to be a Television Camera Operator? Part 2 From One Who Knows!

    So you want to be a television camera person. So did Jeremy Hoare who now has very many years’ experience of operating a camera behind him, but he’d like us to know that if you want to be good there’s more to it that simply ‘operating’ a camera. Do you have vision, an eye for […]

    in Technical Roles in TV, Your TV Stories on August 3, 2011 Comments 0
  • So You Want to be a Television Camera Operator? Part One

    So you want to be a television camera person.  It is, of course, a crucial role in television. No camera, no pictures, no television! Our next few articles will be covering the role of a camera operator in TV and we’ll hear from both ends of the age spectrum. Firstly we’ll feature someone who has […]

    in Technical Roles in TV on July 31, 2011 Comments 1
  • So You Want to be a TV Editor?

    …Then you need to listen up to Mark Sangster, Director and Editor at Editworks, a post production company with a base in London and Glasgow. This is a man who understand edit suites and the role of an editor and his many years of experience qualifies him as a master of much more than the […]

  • She really DOES want to work in Television!

    Louise Gallagher joined our site and told me her story. I told her to tell everyone else! We love a real-life story on here and Louise won’t be the only person wanting to change careers to ensure she feels totally fulfilled professionally. Lou has written plenty of her own words do I’ll let her get […]

    in Develop Your TV Skills, Your TV Stories on July 21, 2011 Comments 2
  • Accepting Freebies in the Workplace

    Sir Paul Stephenson resigned as Scotland Yard Commissioner at the weekend after finding himself embroiled in the phone hacking scandal via his professional relationship with Neil Wallis, the former News of the World executive. And one of his big mistakes was accepting generous freebies – on this occasion a lengthy stay at Champneys Health spa […]

  • My Life in Television Chapter 5: Floor Managing, Moon Lighting & News Reading

    So – I am in telly production, learning a lot from a weekly live factual entertainment show, meeting famous people in the studio, working hard and loving it. But as always office politics intervenes. Politics is a way of life in any organisation – once a large-ish group of people are put together and put […]

    in My Life in TV on July 18, 2011 Comments 0
  • So you want to be a Digital Producer Part 3

    The very able and talented Athena Witter concludes her guide to the working life and times of a Digital Producer.  You can find her previous posts here: http://wanttoworkintelevision/category/how-to-get-into-television/jobs-in-television/   Is there anything that other people tend to misunderstand about what you do? Do you think TV producers understand the value of the web content related to their […]

    in Digital Roles in TV, Your TV Stories on July 14, 2011 Comments 0
  • So You Want to be a Digital Producer Part 2

    In her previous post digital producer Athena Witter explained a bit about her job and what it entails. Now she talks about how she got into the business herself. “At an early age I knew I wanted to work in TV, but never really knew as what. I considered presenting, acting, dancing, becoming an artist, […]

    in Digital Roles in TV, Your TV Stories on July 12, 2011 Comments 0
  • So You Want to be A Digital Producer?

    Or you may be asking, ‘what exactly is a Digital Producer?’  Good question and we have a fabulous digital producer to tell us the answer! No television programme these days is without at the very least a dedicated web site and at best a fully interactive digital element that enhances the viewers’ experience of the television show. […]

    in Digital Roles in TV, Your TV Stories on July 11, 2011 Comments 0
  • Reporter tells all about NOTW phone hacking scandal

    Thanks to my mate Trish for pointing this interview out. Obviously I should be watching daytime TV to get the real stories behind the headlines! ITV’s ‘This Morning‘ interviews Paul McMullan, former features executive on the News of The World, alongside Anne Diamond, and gets a very frank and honest appraisal of the situation – carrier bags […]

    in Topical comment on July 7, 2011 Comments 0
  • So How Far Would You Stoop for a Scoop?…

    The News of the World scandal just keeps getting bigger, dirtier and more depressing but how did it get to the point where it felt OK to hack into the phone calls of murdered children and traumatised families such as the Dowler’s and others (possibly many more others than we currently know about)? The media […]

    in Do's & Don't of TV Production, Topical comment on July 6, 2011 Comments 1
  • Sian new image

    So You Want to Be a Weather Presenter? TV’s Sian Lloyd tells all….

    Sian has recently launched her very own weather web site – one of the cleanest, brightest and simplest sites for finding out what the weather is doing in your area.  You can find it here:  Take a look. Sian agreed to talk to us about how she got into television. Sian’s Story: “Like most things […]

    in Presenting on Television, Spotlight on Talent on July 6, 2011 Comments 0
  • How To Find An Agent: Part 3 Useful Links

    So where to start in contacting an agent?  There is a list below to get you started. As always – do your homework!  Check out the web site, see what kind of people they represent. Try and find one that you think may suit your skills and talents.  This is just a selection of agencies […]

    in Presenting on Television on July 5, 2011 Comments 0
  • How to find an Agent: Part Two

     Finding an agent is not easy but listening to what agents have to say can only help. The previous article on this subject gave an overview of how to go about it and introduced someone working in a major global agency. Now we meet an agent who runs his own smaller but more personal company […]

    in Presenting on Television on July 1, 2011 Comments 0
  • Your Chance to be a Showbiz/Film Reporter!

    Well here it is – an opportunity for anyone to audition for a one-off film reporter role. It’s an on-line competition. All you need do is upload your 30 second audition video to YouTube.  All the details, including competition rules, are outlined below. The closing date is July 10th and the winner would have to […]

    in Miscellaneous on June 29, 2011 Comments 1
  • How to find an Agent: Part One

    So you want to be on the television and the big question is:   How do I get an agent?   Probably with as much difficulty as you will have getting on the telly. Agents want clients who have the potential to make them money. No point being in the business otherwise! They will be […]

    in Presenting on Television on June 24, 2011 Comments 0
  • TV Jobs Available Now

    What better place to gain experience in television than a live magazine format – one that covers live studio and pre-recorded film inserts, entertainment and factual genres, lifestyle demonstrations & topical debates? ITV’s daily daytime show ‘This Morning’ is an ideal place to develop your television experience and they are looking to fill a number of roles on the show. […]

    in Miscellaneous on June 23, 2011 Comments 2
  • My Life in Television (and what I learnt along the way…) Chapter 4: My First Job in TV.

    In Johannesburg, South Africa, broke and no ticket home the first priority was a job. No work visa led me to the obvious places and I got a waitressing job in Hillbrow (akin to London’s Soho area then – a no-go area now!). An advert for Production Assistants at the South African Broadcasting Corporation caught […]

    in My Life in TV on June 22, 2011 Comments 0
  • Want to be on TV? Auditions happening now…

    Want to be on TV and lose Weight? Shine TV are casting for contributors for ITV’s The Biggest Loser. A chance to change your life and win £25,000? If you are a big person with a big personality this could be your chance to get on TV and get fit at the same time! You […]

    in Miscellaneous on June 20, 2011 Comments 1
  • Stories from the studio: “What does he know?”

    Someone who works in television sent in this true story – anonymously of course..… ‘I think the problem with telly these days is the commissioning editors!  The new younger breed behave like exec’s but without any experience or knowledge of how a programme is made. Last year, for instance, I had one turn up for […]

    in Stories from the Studio on June 17, 2011 Comments 2
  • I’m an Expert – Get Me on TV! Part 2: A case study.

    An expert wants to get on television. So how should she/he do it? We’ve featured general advice on getting onto TV in previous articles but now we take one interesting expert and apply advice to her particular situation. The Case study: Lorraine Holloway-White Lorraine is a ‘sceptical medium’ which she explains as “a natural born medium who is not […]

    in Presenting on Television on June 14, 2011 Comments 13
  • My Life in Television (and what I learnt along the way) Chapter 3: Backpacking Journalism

    (Previously on ‘My Life in Television’ – http://wanttoworkintelevision/category/my-life-in-television-and-what-i-learnt-from-it/) So my Americas jaunt finally came to an end and I returned to the UK to look for a proper job. You didn’t just walk into TV jobs even in those olden days so I got myself some temporary secretarial work. My mother was a great one for […]

    in My Life in TV on June 10, 2011 Comments 0
  • Sam Mann

    So You Want to be a Showbiz Presenter?

    So you want to be a television presenter and jet around the world interviewing A-list celebrities, being invited to the nations’ biggest music and showbiz events, and appearing regularly on the screen?  Then you want to be Sam Mann – presenter, journalist, showbiz expert and all-round glamorous broadcast personality! Sam Mann has appeared regularly on […]

  • Britain’s Got Talent – Contrived or Creative?

    Well, it’s all over the news and, although the original article has been removed from the site where it all started, it has been passed around to all and sundry on-line. So I’ll follow suit on the basis this blog is all about all aspects of television. Someone, purporting to be an executive with Sony […]

    in Topical comment on June 3, 2011 Comments 7
  • My Life in Television (and what I learnt along the way…) Chapter Two: Home-made TV

    A regular strand – all about ME! Chapter Two: Home-Made TV After university I indulged my passion for travel. First America and a nannying job, eventually moving onto Mexico. If this were an autobiography I’d fill you in on those eclectic adventures but we’ll stick to the bits that involve something resembling the media. On […]

    in My Life in TV on June 1, 2011 Comments 1
  • gordon_ramsay

    I’m an Expert – Get Me on the Television!

    So you may be a television presenter with a passion or someone with an area of expertise that you’d like share on television. You could be a TV ‘expert’ but how do you get yourself noticed?   The good news is that over the past few years it’s become easier for TV experts to get […]

    in Presenting on Television on May 27, 2011 Comments 4
  • My Life in Television (and what I learnt along the way…) Chapter One

    A new strand for this blog – all about ME!  Well, there’s nothing like experience for teaching you things and while I’m enjoying talking about myself, you may pick up the odd idea on what to do – or more likely what NOT to do – in television! I can assure you it’s mostly an account of […]

    in My Life in TV on May 24, 2011 Comments 1
  • Stories from the Studio: When to say No!

    The show was ‘Angela & Friends’ for Sky One. It’s was a live, studio-based daily afternoon show. I was the series editor. The budget was tiny and the team even tinier. It was a matter of all hands to the pump at all times just to survive the punishing schedule and tight deadlines. It was […]

  • Could you do a better job than your TV boss?

    A survey out today says seventy per cent of us think we could do a better job than the boss. Only 18 per cent of British workers believe their boss is ‘more capable’ than they are. 41 per cent describe their boss as “totally incompetent” and many don’t believe their boss values their contribution or […]

  • Working in Television Development

    Television development – that utopian heaven of consummate creativity. A place where you think, create, develop and eventually give birth to a brand new idea which will eventually wow the viewers on their television screens. No, of course, it’s not that simple but you are forgiven for thinking like that. I certainly used to. You […]

    in Ideas & Development in TV, Production Roles in TV on May 10, 2011 Comments 6
  • Greg Scott pic

    What Makes A Good TV Presenter: The Backlash!

    So I ran off a short post on the qualities of a good television presenter and frankly it serves me right – how can you quantify a ‘good’ television presenter in a few paragraphs. It’s so much more complicated than that. So thank you to those who responded. They did it on another forum but I’d love […]

    in Presenting on Television on May 4, 2011 Comments 32
  • phillip scofield

    What Makes a Good Television Presenter?

    Whether you are, hoping to be or simply plan to be working with a television presenter it’s worth knowing what makes a good one.  If you are an aspiring producer you will one day be looking for a presenter for one of your shows. If you want to be on the screen you need to […]

    in Presenting on Television on May 3, 2011 Comments 21
  • Promotions, Trailers and the Creative Producer

    Let’s talk about television presentation – not the kind of presentation that involves you appearing on-screen but the presentation of the channel: the bit that happens between the programmes. A channel needs an identity just as a product does. There is a creative department that designs that style and identity and ensures that the trailers […]

    in Spotlight on Talent, TV Roles, Your TV Stories on April 27, 2011 Comments 1
  • Television presenter Fern Britton doing the splits

    The Production, The Presenter and The Press

    The Motivation for Today’s Blog Post The Production Team You have a brainstorm, develop ideas you hope will be entertaining to an audience that’s seen it all before and if you’ve got a brave producer, and an even braver presenter, they’ll suggest you give the idea a spin on the next live show.  If […]

  • Working as a Team in Television

    Making television is team work. It doesn’t matter what and whose idea started off the development of a new show, what really matters is how that idea is communicated and how the team interprets it. If a team is not working together your chances of making a successful show may well be reduced and you can be […]

    in Do's & Don't of TV Production, Making TV on April 11, 2011 Comments 0
  • How to Write a Television Brief & More

    Barney Newman worked his way from television  researcher to producer in entertainment and factual entertainment programming. He is ideally placed to talk about the responsibilities and duties that researchers and assistant producers are required to perform. His last post explained the difference between the two roles (you can read that here: http://wanttoworkintelevision/from-tv-researcher-to-assistant-producer/), Now Barney gets into the detail of the jobs: Compiling Celebrity and Production Item Briefs […]

    in Factual TV, Making TV, Production Roles in TV on April 5, 2011 Comments 0
  • Live TV Through the Eyes of a Guest (albeit an inanimate one!)

    There’s a snappy post title! So what it is like to appear as a guest on a studio show?  Well it can be the most exciting day of your life, nerve-wracking, plain disastrous or simply a non-event.  Live television in particular can be unpredictable, even when you have been briefed by the production. Ralph ‘Dem’ Bones, skeleton to the […]

    in Stories from the Studio on April 4, 2011 Comments 0
  • barney-pic

    From TV Researcher to Assistant Producer

    So what should you expect to be doing once you get that television researcher job? And how does that role differ from that of Assistant Producer? Barney Newman is another great production team member I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  His charm, talent and hard work has taken him from researcher to assistant producer and finally to producer. So who better […]

    in Making TV, TV Roles, Your TV Stories on April 4, 2011 Comments 6
  • How To Present Ideas

    Creativity and ideas are the lifeblood of television – just as they are for any other kind of media.  What you will undoubtedly find is that many ‘brilliant new ideas’ are in fact quite old ideas.  It can be discouraging to start your first media job and eagerly share your ideas only to be told […]

    in Ideas & Development in TV on April 1, 2011 Comments 5
  • Finding a Television News Scoop – The Girl with X-ray Eyes

    If you read the post about working on the news desk ( you’ll know I mentioned how Natalie (the news producer at the time I was editor of ITV’s This Morning show) bought me the girl with x-ray vision. I promised to return to that story and here it is: Natalie spotted a tiny piece in […]

    in Ideas & Development in TV, Stories from the Studio on March 30, 2011 Comments 0
  • So You Want to be a Television Presenter? Part 1

    …you and many, many others. But don’t let that put you off! This blog is about being realistic and telling it how it is but if you want something badly enough, work hard enough and have the necessary basic skills then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get it. If getting into television production is […]

    in Presenting on Television on March 25, 2011 Comments 4
  • Natalie Lisbona

    So you want to work on the news desk?

    Natalie Lisbona is one of the best news producers I’ve had the pleasure of working with, although I’ve never worked in television news. Many television magazine shows, and of course the topical and current affairs series, employ news producers to research, cast and find strong current news stories. When a major story breaks you need […]

    in Factual TV, TV Roles, Your TV Stories on March 24, 2011 Comments 3
  • Kerry Burch

    When Things Go Wrong in Television

    Kerry Burch is an experienced television producer and one of the most organised, calm and glamorous producers I’ve worked with. But she didn’t to get to where she is without going through her own baptism of fire.  Kerry has done her time on live television, including producing ITV’s daytime magazine show, ‘This Morning’ – two […]

  • Louise McNamara

    The Real Life of a Television Runner

    Working in television is not the easy option. And by far the most difficult bit is getting a foot in the door and, once you’ve managed that, keeping that door open. The first rung in television is the runner role. Exciting though it may be to get that first job, for most people it will be the beginning […]

    in Entry Level Jobs, Your TV Stories on March 22, 2011 Comments 19
  • success-moving-up

    From Work Experience to MD – an inspiring story of getting ahead in television.

    This is a tale I often tell media students, not only to provide some encouragement but also to show how the right approach as a work experience or runner in television production can help you get ahead. Back in the days when ‘This Morning’, ITV’s daytime series, broadcast from the Albert Dock in Liverpool we […]

    in Entry Level Jobs on March 21, 2011 Comments 1
  • Friday Fun!

    It’s Friday and you’re not in the mood for a heavy lecture on the finer points of television production, are you? So let’s have some light relief. One of the topics we will return to many times, I’m quite sure, is When Things Go Wrong (and what you can learn from it!). This is a famous incident […]

    in Stories from the Studio on March 18, 2011 Comments 5
  • So – Where Do Ideas Come From?

    Ideas are the lifeblood of television. Ideas are consumed at a great rate and those who commission new programmes are constantly on the lookout for the next Big Idea. If you want to get into and get on in television, it certainly helps if you have ideas, or at least know where to find them. […]

    in Ideas & Development in TV on March 17, 2011 Comments 1
  • Behind the Scenes of Daytime Telly

    So – How to Find that Job in Telly

    There are several routes into television but here are two of the most common: one is through the studio route.  Going from runner on a studio floor or on location, moving up to assisting the director, floor manager etc and then possibly into directing.  The other (most normal route in shows like ‘This Morning’) is […]

    in Develop Your TV Skills, Entry Level Jobs on March 15, 2011 Comments 3
  • So – What’s this Blog About?

    So – you want to work in television and would like some hints and tips? Or maybe you already work in the media and like sharing news, views and gossip (oooh, there’s so much of that in tellyland!). What really lies behind the glamour, buzz and creativity of television production? If you’re working your way […]

    in Making TV on March 15, 2011 Comments 0
  • So You Want to Work in Television?

    Consider this first if that is your goal: An experienced producer friend of mine has recently taken up a job on a popular morning show, one that starts around the break of day. This show is topical and to keep abreast of changing running orders and news updates there needs to be teams working around the […]

    in Stories from the Studio on March 15, 2011 Comments 2

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