• Want Information on Getting into or onto TV? Here’s where to find it…

    First time on this web site? Not sure where to start looking on this TV blog or simply drowning in the plethora of articles and categories? There is a menu at the top of the page and a list of categories in the sidebar so check those out for some clues.   If you are […]

  • What Happens When You Fall Out of Favour in TV?

    The world of television is fickle, insecure and exciting. If you think it’s hard getting into television production then spare a thought for those trying to get a job presenting on camera. Getting to be a TV presenter is one thing, staying in that line of work is quite another. One day you’re hot, then next day […]

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  • How to be a TV Scriptwriter

    So you want to be a TV scriptwriter? Then you need to hear from someone who’s been there and doing that. Dave Cantor writes scripts for television. His credits include such BBC sitcom heavyweights as Green, Green Grass and My Family. Dave worked with the great television scriptwriter, John Sullivan, creator of Only Fools and Horses, before […]

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  • Are you part of the Media Revolution?

    Warming to my theme as I am on the subject of the media revolution, here’s something you really need to check out. It’s Eric Schmidt, Executive chairman of Google giving the MacTaggart Lecture address to the Edinburgh Festival. The MacTaggart lecture is the  highlight of the Edinburgh Festival, nearly always given by a bigwig from the world of television  – […]

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  • How to Get a Job in a TV Art Department

    Jonathon Green is a very experienced Production Designer whose credits range from Daybreak and Watchdog to Green Wing and The Chase. Jonathan is obviously a man who knows all about designing the look of a TV programme and he kindly agreed to share his advice to anyone interested in a job in a TV Art Department. […]

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  • Who are the Top 100 Independent TV Companies?

    If you are looking for a job in television, whether a first job or a subsequent one, then best you get to know the various TV employers out there and what they are doing. There are various lists of broadcasters and independent TV companies, including a selection in my Useful Links, but for a full list of the Top 100 then […]

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  • The Highs and Lows of being a TV Press Officer

    Nuala Giblin is a television press officer with many years experience on some of our most iconic TV shows, including ITV’s popular police series, ‘The Bill’.  Nuala kindly agreed to tell us her story of dealing with drama, drama queens and death:  My first job in telly was a fluke, as so many things are […]

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