• Want Information on Getting into or onto TV? Here’s where to find it…

    First time on this web site? Not sure where to start looking on this TV blog or simply drowning in the plethora of articles and categories? There is a menu at the top of the page and a list of categories in the sidebar so check those out for some clues.   If you are […]


    PLEASE IGNORE THE POST THAT SUGGESTED YOU HAD PAID FOR SOMETHING VIA PAYPAL.  YOU HAVE NOT!   That message should never have been broadcast. It is a web page meant only for people who have purchased a service from the site.   My profuse apologies!   Very best Shu  

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  • If you can make a sandwich you can make TV!

    What do television employers look for in a new recruit? Well much the same as sandwich chain Pret a Manger look for in theirs! Pret has been in the news charged with employing foreigners at the expense of local home-grown British applicants. Let’s not get into that debate but let’s identify what makes a new […]

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  • The Real Life of a Showbiz Agent – Can You Take the Truth?

    If you want to get work on screen in TV as a presenter, host or TV expert then you are no doubt wishing you could find a good agent. Today’s post is written by TV agent, Jon Roseman, who has represented the likes of Kate Garraway, Natasha Kaplinsky and Fern Britton. Getting an agent is […]

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  • How a 15 Year Old Made His Way into a TV Presenting Job.

    Presenting on TV is a goal for many people and it can be a very  hard road to travel as talented and experienced presenter Greg Scott has explained more than once on this site. There are many routes into TV presenting and some people work at it for years before getting their foot in the door. There are […]

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  • Need Music for TV? Then You Need a Music Library.

    So you want some great music to add to your TV programme but wondering where to find it. As we mentioned in part one of this series of articles on music in TV there are many good music libraries who provide music of all genres and style, legally cleared for use on TV and for […]

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  • How to Make Music for Popular TV Shows

    Continuing our series on using music in TV (and film, the web & etc), we hear from Intricuts, a music producing, editing & composing company set us as a partnership between Fraser Bennett and Mathieu Karsenti. They have worked on shows such as Sky’s successful Got To Dance, ITV’s Take Me Out and have worked closely with reknowed […]

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