Are You Wasting Your Work Time on Social Media?

Social media, eh…

Where would we be without it?  

And what a great resource it is for TV work – finding case studies, jobs, stories and the rest of it.  Most TV employers are very relaxed about employees using social media. You are after all working in a media environment. 

Of course social media can get you into trouble as our friend Lou Gallagher found to her cost (read her blog post!).

The question is, how much time do you, or your employees, spend on social media? And how much of it is really to do with the job in hand?

This graphic was sent to me by and I felt the urge to pass it on to you!

What do you think? Is our time spent on Facebook, Twitter et al a good thing – or a bad thing? Please feel free to leave your comments below.


You can find the original of that graphic on the web site right HERE:




  • Nahla Abdul Rahman says:

    Oh Allah .. it`s crazy statistics and i try to stop using this social media on my day so i can socialize in the real world !

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  • Lou Gallagher says:

    Ha! 2 x as much time spent on Facebook than exercising? I would say I spend 100 x as much time on FB than exercising. Eek *joins gym*

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