A Video Guide to the Role of a Post Production Runner

What better way to find out what a TV post production runner does than go watch one in action, and what better way to illustrate the job than to put it on video.


My mate Mark Sangster, top editor and a director at Editworks, one of London’s top post production houses, kindly let us into their busy centre of operations; Kini, one of their runners, agreed to let us follow her at work and Natasha Jarvis, a film-maker and an excellent runner herself, volunteered to make the video.


Mark has written for this site before, providing excellent advice for anyone interested in a career as a TV editor which you can read here: So You Want to be a TV Editor?


Natasha is a recent graduate of the University of Sheffield where she studied Human geography. Inspired by films such as Rebecca Cammisa’s ‘Which way home’ and fascinated by film’s ability to act as a platform for social debate, she hopes to pursue a career in documentary film making. Since graduating, she has undertaken work placements with the BBC and Community Film Unit as well as having worked with independent documentary directors on productions such as ‘We are Many’ and ‘The Colombian Connection’. Her freelance work, to date, includes working as a filmmaker for eBay. Natasha is currently looking for work whilst editing a documentary she made about the OccupyLSX camp. A selection of work can be viewed on her website,


So what does it take to be a post production runner? Press play and find out:



Thanks to everyone who contributed towards the film and especially to Natasha for single-handedly producing, directing and editing it. Hopefully this is the first of a variety of useful films coming your way via So You Want to Work in Television.

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