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Producer speaks up in favour of a Media Studies Degree?

By in September 8, 2011

… the continuing saga of what qualifications give you the best chance of establishing a career in television – we will get onto to other subjects again soon, I promise! Media studies degrees are getting a bad press. Many people surveyed (unscientifically by me!) so far within the industry seem to think you are wasting […]

How to be a Success in TV – From Work Experience to Presenter to Media Mogul!

By in March 26, 2012

  If you want to work in TV, whether behind the camera or in front of it, Debbie King’s story will provide plenty of food for thought. Debbie’s career has covered a whole range of TV roles including her main passion, presenting. We like to tell it how it really is on this site and […]

In the Media but Out of Work? Try this….

By in October 30, 2011

  While you’re looking for that next freelance gig why not do something useful in your spare time (if you have any!) Why sit around worrying about where your next contract is coming from when you could be doing something useful; making new contacts; learning new stuff? I did it and found it a great […]


By in September 28, 2011

If you’ve been following this site you’ll know we’ve been debating the value of a degree when trying to get into television and in particular the value of a media studies versus an academic degree.  Vicky Edmonds got in touch to add her voice to the pro-media studies supporters. Here is her story:  “I wanted to work in television […]

TV Producer Succeeds WITHOUT a Degree!

By in September 9, 2011

Over the past few articles we’ve been debating the various merits of different types of qualifications if you want to get into a television career. Mostly we debated media degree versus an academic subject. The last post came from Dani, a successful producer who explained why she’s glad she did a media studies degree. But maybe you […]

How to Get a Head Start in the Media while still at College Part 2

By in August 31, 2011

In our last post Jaime Riley wrote about her experience of getting involved in campus television and journalism while at York University studying Linguistics. This is an ideal way to give yourself a head start if you hope to work in the media after your further education. In this second part she offers specific advice to anyone currently embarking on their […]